Be a social butterfly...

Ahh the school run.  Is there a more ferocious creature than a Mother on her way to collect her child from school?  I’ve seen more timid wrestlers.  DO NOT obstruct a school runner!

I regularly see very near misses in our school carpark, along with looks that could cut through steel!  It almost makes me glad that I don’t drive!

When we moved last year, it was to a house a couple of miles from Beth’s school. As I said I don’t drive, or more specifically,  I’m not currently allowed to drive.  No I didn’t ram my car into another school runner’s or allow mid afternoon road rage to get the better of me;  I have a low blood pressure condition that sometimes causes black outs.  It’s been around 15 months since my last one, so in 9 more months, I’ll be able to get behind the wheel!  For now I’m stuck with our incredibly unreliable bus service when Phill isn’t around and as often as possible I walk.

Today it was dry so I did just that.  I’m sure there are nicer school runs in the World, but not many.

It was actually starting to brighten up (famous last words) until the school bell rang and Beth came out 🙁 Rather than risk getting caught in a downpour, we waited for the bus, which was happily only 10 minutes late today :-/

Thankfully Beth was in a great mood and despite the fact that my standard “How was school?” question, was met with the standard “Alright” answer; we started chattering and being silly and before I knew it I was laughing so much that my cheeks hurt!  Honestly she is crackers sometimes.  Look at these faces, which I might add were accompanied by a little beat boxing!!

I think this next one is particularly special!

Eventually her face looked like this….

….which is my most favourite face of all the faces in the entire World.

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...