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Bloggers are a powerful breed.  We write what we think and people read it.  We have no bosses to tell us what to write (or what not to write!) and so long as we are honest and fair, our opinions become trusted.

butlins retro vintage

A few years ago Butlins started a project with a group of bloggers.  They would all take their family on a Butlins holiday and give proper, in-depth feedback to the company and of course a solid, honest review to their readers.  I think this was a wise move by Butlins and a confident one.  They must be confident in their facilities to openly invite bloggers to comment on them publicly, as we all know at least one blogger who does not pull their punches!!

Off the bloggers went to Bognor, Skegness or Minehead and out came the reviews.  The project was a success and each year a new set of bloggers is chosen.  Competition to become a Butlins ‘Ambassador’ (oh you are spoiling us ;-P) is fierce as let’s be honest, everybody likes to go on holiday, but guess what…we were selected!!

BUTLINS 2013-2014

So we’ll be on our jollies with Butlins in the next few months and I look forward to telling you all about it.  I’ve never been on a Butlins holiday before and I’m actually quite excited.  UK holidays are becoming more and more appealing these days.  They’re cheaper, there’s no passports or delayed planes and I already speak the language haha!

There are some amazing bloggers in the line up this year, so why not take a look at them all here.

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...