Be a social butterfly...

When life gives you lemons….

….make lemon curd 🙂

When life gives you oranges…

….eat them…..leave marmalade to someone else!!!

Whilst we were stuck in the house during a snow day, Beth and I decided to make marmalade.  Although I have made many a pot of jam, chutney and ‘curd’ in my life, marmalade is something I’ve never tried.

Seville oranges at the ready, Beth and I set to.  Juicing, shredding and ‘de-pipping’!  Beth was so methodical, I sat staring at her in amazement and as we were at the kitchen table, cozy and industrious as the snow fell outside the window, I felt like a brilliant Mum.  The TV was off, the heating was on(!), the phone was nowhere to be seen and we were just us. I felt like I was imparting wisdom upon my little girl with talk of fruit sugars, jar sterilisation and seasonal fruits.

The mixture was the colour of sunshine and every time we added more peel to the pot, Beth would take a deep breath of it’s sweet scent and proclaim it to be the most wonderful smell in the whole World.  She was a particularly big fan of stirring the huge pot whilst cackling like a witch.  Hubble Bubble!!

“It’s like we’re making spells” she said.

So after hours of alchemy, after covering our kitchen in molten, amber, goop, after burning ME a great many times indeed….we were left with this.

And it tasted horrendous!!

Maybe its because we as a family aren’t huge lovers of marmalade anyway?  We ‘like’ it at best.  But our marmalade was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten and this will be THE LAST TIME we ever make it.  It can’t just be a matter of taste, it was awful and yes we did use a sugar thermometer!

I tipped out the gloop into the bin, washed the jars and began to feel very sorry for myself.  Beth wasn’t that bothered, she’d had a lovely afternoon anyway 🙂

I needed a boost, I needed something delicious, something refreshing to remove the nasty taste of my marmalade failure.  I needed lemon curd.

Has life given you lemons?  Here’s how to make them into something wonderful.

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...