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I’m a little late posting this as we’ve been busy having a mega clear out at home!  Babies come with a lot of ‘stuff’ don’t they?  Cots, cribs, bouncers, baby gyms… it quickly fills the house.   But then after a few months, when they’ve outgrown various bits and pieces, you have a clear out and all of a sudden the house looks quite empty again.

Handy….because now it’s time for proper toys!  Gone are the days when Dottie would be happy to play in a chair or on my lap, now she’s mobile (sort of) and wants to investigate everything!   In an attempt to distract her from things like mugs, magazines, mobile phones, candles and balls of wool (all things Dottie has attempted to ‘investigate’), we’ve been on the look out for a big toy.  Something speacial.  Something bright and busy that will stimulate her and encourage her newly developed mobility.  And here’s what we found.

Little tikes activity garden tree house review

The Little Tikes Activity Garden Tree House has a lot of names and a lot going on!  In fact there are over 80 activities to keep Dottie busy.

Little tikes activity garden tree house reviewProbably the most notable is the lantern which projects blue, red and green ‘fireflies’ (lights).  It has three buttons – one that teaches colours, one that plays jungle music and one that plays games, encouraging Dottie to ‘catch the fireflies’.  This function is particularly fun if you have cats as like ours, they may try to catch the fireflies too!!  I’ve never heard Dottie laugh so much!

Little tikes activity garden tree house review

There is something quite magical about watching her play with the lights, getting onto her knees to peer right into the lantern.  I find myself coming over all emotional – then she presses the jungle music button and starts wiggling her bum and we’re laughing again.

The treehouse is designed to be used by children aged 6-36 months.  Dottie has just turned 9 months so she’s at the lower end of the age range and yet there’s a lot that she can already do.  She loves pressing buttons, so the lantern is a big hit but there’s also a doorbell that announces who’s visiting and a gate that opens and closes and says ‘welcome to the jungle’.  Predictably, these noisy functions are her favourites 🙂

Little tikes activity garden tree house review

There are two ball runs which she needs a little bit of help with at the moment, but as soon as she can stand up she’ll be able to do it all by herself.  She chases after the balls when they fall off the giraffe’s back so we’ve seen a significant development in her crawling abilities!  Nothing like a bit of brightly coloured motivation.

Little tikes activity garden tree house review

She may be struggling to reach the ball runs but she’s sussed out how to post things – notably rice cakes into the post box!   Once she can stand up, she’ll be able to post the shapes.

As it’s made up of four ‘walls’ you can position the treehouse in a variety of ways – a zig-zag, an L-shape or a square.  First however, you have to put it together, which is really the only downside.   It took my poor husband precisely 1 hour and 46 minutes, with a short selfie break of course 😊

Little tikes activity garden tree house review corporate dad phill

Dottie LOVES this toy and without a doubt it’s encouraged her development over the past week.

If there’s a little one in your life who you think might love it too, why not enter my competition to win your own and right in time for Christmas too!

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What was your favourite toy when you were a child?

Love Rachel


*we were gifted this toy for the purpose of a review but these are my honest opinions.

Be a social butterfly...

  • kim neville

    I loved my dolls house with all accessories inside

  • Val Pownall

    My favorite toy was my roller skates. I hardly ever took them off my feet! Drove my parents mad & the local shop-keeper was none too happy! 🙂

  • Jan Beal

    My favourite toy was a dolls pram, I loved pushing my dolls around and showing off ‘my babies’ – the same applied for the cat and my long-suffering dog!

  • cara b81

    My son would love this- looks like great fun 😀

  • Tonianne

    Fantastic competition. My favourite toy was Sarah-Jane my doll which I even christened and drew a cross on her head. She’s still with me now 💗

  • Louise

    This is so cute, my niece would love this, she’s just at the age where she starts being fascinated by everything so this would be perfect for her x

  • Ickle Pickle

    This is gorgeous – we adore Little Tikes here! Lovely photos. Kaz x

  • Aw this is such a gorgeous post, your daughter is sooooo lovely! Bless your husband trying to build it :’)

  • Leanne Lunn

    I had a magic treehouse I loved it played with it all the time.

  • It looks like Dottie is loving it, I can’t believe there are so many activities in one toy! That’s fab 🙂

  • My kids love everything Little Tikes, we have all sorts of toys, bikes climbing thing.

  • Jamie Edwards

    My favorite toy was a barbie jet, my mum saved for ages and ended up travelling miles to find a store that still had it in stock. I kept it pretty much until it fell apart <3

  • My favourite toy when I was a kid was a stuffed bear that I called ‘Puffy’ (I think that came from the brand name ‘Puffalump’), I actually still have it although it does look a little bit the worse for wear these days! x

  • Melanie Edjourian

    What a cutie!!! That looks like great fun, I wish I had bought one for my little man when he was younger, he’d have loved it 😉

  • Crystal Gareau

    Such a cute little one. I’m a little jealous of all the new and amazing toys available for kids. My son would have loved this.

  • sharon martin

    a tiny tears doll