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You’ve probably worked out by now that I love having my photo taken and sitting quietly, having my make up and hair done is my idea of relaxation!  So I was very keen when Donna of Click Click Bang Photography proposed that we record for posterity, my massive baby bump.

If I could give you any advice when working with a photographer and make up artist, it would be to let them do their job.  In the same way that a hairdresser will be able to advise you on cuts and colours that will suit you, a make up artists is just that…an artist and a photographer has trained for years to find just the right angles, just the right light to make you look amazing.  Find a studio whose work impresses you, then trust the professionals and allow them to be creative – I promise you, you be happier with the results!

Donna discussed beforehand her ideas for the shot – words like ethereal, blush, delicate, muted.  I was excited about this for a few reasons, firstly because alot of the images I’ve created over the last few years have been very cheesecake in nature (which I do love, but it’s nice to have a change!) and secondly because everything she was describing sounded like the theme of mine and Phill’s wedding.

We don’t have a huge amount of pictures from our wedding, (that’s another story) but here’s a couple so that you can see what I mean.

flowergirls bridesmaids blush


I decided that along with every muted or blush accessory and item of clothing that I could still squeeze into, I would take my wedding dress along.

wedding dress

When I got to the studio in Burnley, Donna introduced me to Kayla who would be doing my make up and hair.  She clearly loves what she does and took great pleasure in the fact that she was able to be creative with colour rather than simply giving me a smoky eye as is usually wanted.  You only need to look at their portfolio to see that there’s nothing ‘usual’ about the images that come out of Click Click Bang!  So we went for a pop of mauve to match the incredible flower crown that Donna had just made.

In order to photograph one’s baby bump, one has to be comfortable enough to get one’s torso out for the World!  In a room with two other mothers, I couldn’t have been made to feel more at ease.  Here are my favourites from the first set up – I’m wearing a gold lace and pearl vintage skirt and a good ol’ Primark bra, the flower crown as I said is one of Donna’s creations.

etheral maternity shoot click click bang vintage folly flower crown vintage lace 1

Look at that baby bump – it’s huge and I LOVE it so much.  When baby Palmer is born I will waste no time congratulating her on this bump – I’m very pleased with her work 🙂

etheral maternity shoot click click bang vintage folly flower crown vintage lace

I think this image is my favourite.  To me it looks triumphant which is fitting given the journey we went on to make our baby.  This bump is made of more than just Mummy and Daddy – it’s made of blood sweat and tears….quite literally!  It was an ugly fight that we fought but the end result I think, is beautiful.

The next set was a little different – think BLACK lace and tulle!!  I haven’t seen the finished images from this set but I can’t wait and I’ll be sure to share them as soon as they’re ready.

We finished the session with me in my wedding dress.  I had imagined sitting on it somehow but Donna said no, why not slip it on as a skirt.  As I pulled it over my more ample than usual hips, I did hear that fateful tearing stretching sound but I shan’t be wearing this frock again so it doesn’t really matter does it?!

I was able to see one of the photos from this set before I left the studio.  There was one that Donna felt didn’t need much doing to it and was able to complete the editing while I climbed back into my stretchy jeans and sneakers.  I cried when I saw this picture because it brought back our Wedding day so vividly.

ALOT of things went a bit wrong on our wedding day – we were asking for trouble really, choosing Friday the 13th to tie the knot!  But the one thing that definitely went right was that we got married and the ceremony itself was heartbreakingly perfect.

When we got married, Phill and I were both well aware of my infertility as were most of the wedding guests. There’s a part in a Catholic wedding where the priests asks each of you to commit to raising any children within the faith of the Church.  Phill hadn’t taken his eyes off me during our vows and answered this question as clearly and as eagerly as he had everything else.  That’s when I started to cry.  Of course I’d considered many times that by choosing to be with me, by promising to love and grow old with me, Phill was accepting that he would never have a biological child of his own.  Yes he’d have Beth but nobody would ever call him Daddy.  As one who had their fertility taken away from them, I can’t imagine the strength of feeling he must have to give that up voluntarily.  I was completely overwhelmed with love, guilt and gratitude in equal measure.

That was the last time I wore my wedding dress.

wedding day salmesbury hall vintage folly

So a little less than four years later, to say that the image she showed me was poignant is a massive understatement.

maternity shoot wedding dress etheral vinatge folly click click bang

I don’t really have anything else to write as I’m tearing up again just thinking of the massive turnaround that our lives have taken.  So here’s one more picture for now – just a few weeks until Phill, Beth and I get to meet the fourth member of our family 🙂

pearls maternity shoot wedding dress click click bang vintage folly 2

We’ll be going back to see the team after the baby’s born and maybe even before (I’m saying nothing more ;-P)  I would heartily recommend that you visit Click Click Bang Photography, pregnant or not and just have a lovely afternoon being pampered and photographed.  Allow yourself to feel beautiful and be recorded – you’ll be in great hands.

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...