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My child is fourteen.

My child is fourteen.

My child is fourteen.

Nope.  I keep saying it but it doesn’t seem to feel any more real!

birthday bunting idea

This weekend we celebrated fourteen years (nope) of our Beth who like a lot of teenagers, has become a smidge camera shy in recent years.  So while I’d like to share a bazillion photos of her, I have to be content with sharing a few details from her birthday weekend.

unicorn cake

We had ‘unicorn cake’ made from 100% organic unicorns.

unicorn cake vintage glass cake stand

She went to Haigh Hall with Dottie and their little cousins.

betty and dottie

This was the closest Beth would allow me to get to taking her photo and really it’s a picture of her sister!

pink lemonade

Then she had a whole tribe of teenagers over for a stay up all night party sleep over, followed by SIX HOURS of rehearsals for the school play the next day.

Yes you read that correctly.  The children went to school at the weekend, voluntarily, for six hours!


So obviously they needed cupcakes….right?

I was in two minds about delivering these, (mainly because Phill said it was weird) but judging by their reactions, you’re never too old to have your Mum bring cupcakes to school!!

Silver 14 balloon

It’s still not right is it!?  FOURTEEN!  When I started this blog she was just 8 years old.  She read Enid Blyton books, couldn’t plait her own hair and all she wanted from life was a pair of roller skates.  Now she pinches my make up, listens to Greenday and has plans to travel the World when she finishes college.

Time is moving far too quickly.  I feel like only yesterday she looked like this

baby beth

and now she looks like this..


Still, no matter how old she gets, she’s always going to be my little girl and I’m always going to remind her that when she was 6, she pinky promised me that she’d live with me until she was at least 46 and even then she would only move out to the house next door.  Backpacking schmackpacking – a pinky promise is forever ;-P

Happy Birthday beauty xxx

Love Mum



Be a social butterfly...