Be a social butterfly...

Last year Phill announced that he wanted to do something for charity.

I imagined it would be a man v food challenge at a BBQ restaurant.

He said that he wanted to get fit and lose some of the weight he’d put on since meeting me – the feeder!

I imagined he’d join a local gym or dig out his swim shorts.

Phill said he wanted a challenge.

I imagined a 30 day stint, like Movember or dry January.

He explained that some friends would be joining him in this fundraising activity.

I imagined ‘the usual suspects’, making their way through a real ale pub crawl, shaking buckets and wearing team shirts.

Phill said he wanted to do something epic, something that would make his two daughters proud.

I didn’t know what to imagine – because they already are.

Phill announced that he and 6 other relative amateurs would be walking coast to coast across the country, along Hadrian’s wall,  camping all the way and completing the journey in under a week.

I have to be honest, I rolled my eyes and imagined how long it would be before the idea was shelved!!

Then equipment started to arrive – lots of equipment.  The calendar was filled with training sessions, strategy meetings and test walks.  Fundraising began and each of the walkers selected a charity close to their heart.

Phill lost two stone(!) and a couple of toe nails and we ended up with more tents than we have children!  This was really happening.

To say I’m proud of Phill and the other Amateurish Amateurs is a colossal  understatement.  The commitment they’ve shown is incredible and every single charity is a worthy cause.   Since training began, they’ve all changed in some way.  I’ve seen them become fitter, focused and more confident in themselves – they’ve already achievered so much!  But the big test is yet to come.

This time next week we’ll already have waved goodbye and so I just wanted to take this opportunity to ask you to have a read of their story here and then find them on Facebook here so that you can follow their antics as they’ll be streaming live whenever they can.  It’s going to be quite an adventure!

Of course the most important thing, the reason they’re doing this is to raise much needed funds for their chosen charities.  Phill’s is Scope – a charity that supports adults with cerebral palsy, like his twin brother Reece.

You can read all about the charities set to benefit here and if you can spare a couple of pounds then please do.  🙂

Good luck lads, especially Phill, you handsome devil – I’ll have bacon butties and plenty of cake for you when you get back.  After a shower of course!

love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...