Be a social butterfly...

Recently I was sent an invite to this event on Facebook.  I genuinely have never seen a more appealing flyer!!

Not Just Vintage UK hold a multitude of vintage and craft fairs locally to me but for one reason or another, I have as yet only been able to attend one 🙁

The fair I attended was at The Continetal in Preston, which is a real haven for vintage and craft lovers, and was fantastic.  Some of the friends I attended with were a little put of by the smell of cedarwood balls, but those pesky moths do seem to have a taste for vintage and so needs must.  I was particularly taken with a lady who had a number of vintage evening bags – just breathtaking.

All the stall-holders were friendly and really knowledgeable about their items/craft.  it was a great place to meet like-minded people.

I plan to attend the event in Blackburn with my little one and possibly my lovely Husband to be if he can be convinced (there’s a BBQ so it shouldn’t be too difficult!) and I was really looking forward to it when I was sent this….

another Vintage and Craft fair, once again at The Continental!

So I will have two big hits of vintage between now and Christmas!! Fantastic. I’m wondering whether to look into having my own stall at one of their events, but what would I sell??

Sewn items, hand-made jewellery or cake? I believe more thinking may be required 😉 I’ll keep you updated.

In the meantime, look at the fantastic flyer archive.  I have a real penchant for lovely pin-up posters and these are all beauties!!


Be a social butterfly...