Be a social butterfly...

A couple of months ago I posted this picture on Facebook and asked whether or not I should paint the bookcase that lives in the nursery?

Pine bookcase vintage nursery

It was a controversial question!


In the end there were over 60 replies!  Some of you LOVE wood in it’s natural form and didn’t care about the stains.

Mug stains on wood Some suggested I sand the whole thing down and re-stain (to those people I say – reeeeeeaaaalllly?  Right now?  Right now you’re lucky if I’ve brushed my teeth let alone sanded down furniture 😀 )  Some liked the idea of green, yellow, sky blue and hot pink also got a mention.

Hot pink distressed bookcase mary poppins to kill a mockingbird ukelele pink roses cath kidston curtains

Bethany actually has a distressed, hot pink bookcase in her room.  It was mine when I was a teenager and is made out of old floor boards – now it’s hers and she’s filled it with books since she was a toddler. It’s been home to lots of bedtime stories and treasure like interesting rocks or leaves!  Now Eric Carle has been replaced by John Green ? This is a piece of furniture that holds fond memories for us both.

Hot pink bookcase vintage
I really felt like Dorothy needed a brightly coloured piece too – something that she could look back on and say “I’ve had this since I was tiny”.

So I made a decision….and…..I went for yellow.

Vintage yellow bookcase retro nursery painted furniture books children

I took on board everyone’s advice about grubby little fingers and used a wipe clean kitchen paint instead of an emulsion or chalk paint (which is my usual go-to paint).  This one’s called sunshine yellow and I think it adds a really warm, retro look to the room.

Aloce in wonderland flamingo vintage wooden toy

The bookcase was gifted to me by a very generous neighbour called Kate when I moved into mine and Beth’s first home – a twee pink cottage in Suffolk.  So it already has some nice memories attached for me.  Now I think it’s the perfect place to keep Dottie’s growing collection of vintage story books…

Vintage ladybird childrens book bookcase rainbow zippy noddy

…and modern ones to of course 🙂

 Childrens books

What do you think?   Do you think I made the right decision?  What colour would you have chosen?

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...