Be a social butterfly...

A couple of months ago, my friend Abbie hosted a lovely joint baby shower for my friend Katie and I. ¬†I had such a great time – I cried, ate a lot of chocolate and realised that I’m probably a bit too competitive when it comes to games that include swaddling dolls with toilet roll ūüėČ

Sadly Beth was away that weekend and couldn’t attend, so after Christmas we decided to host one at home aswell. ¬†With a lot of time spent Googling game ideas, we came up with the following…

Keep Mum:

When guests arrive you give them each a safety pin or in our case a mini pink peg. ¬†You advise them that they can’t say the word baby. ¬†If you hear a person say baby, you can steal their pin/peg. ¬†You can also win them in the various games throughout the shower and at the end the person with the most wins a prize.

pink pegs

Baby food challenge:  

Basically you conceal the flavours of tray of jars of baby food.  Players then taste and try to guess what they are Рit turns out everything tastes like sweet potato or apple haha!

baby food challenge baby shower games pink tulips

Prediction bunting:

All you need is¬†a string of pretty paper bunting and some parcel tags. ¬†Guests can write their predictions – anything from the baby’s weight, when they think he/she’ll be born, hair colour, eye colour. ¬†It’s up to you.

baby shower paper bunting parcel tags games vintage

Designer diapers:

The endless nappy changing can become a bit should destroying at times – imagine late one night you pull out a nappy and it’s been decorated by one of your dearest friends. ¬†Surely that will cheer you up a little bit! ¬†I especially like the one we now have with ‘Uncle Ian is available’ and his mobile number. ¬†That may come in handy in an emergency haha!

designer diapers baby shower game

Measure Mum’s bump:

How big do people really think your bump is?  Pass around a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors and let guests cut it to what they believe is the size of your bump.  Then measure it against the real thing Рthe closest guess wins.

lindybop matilds 1950s dress pink baby shower bunting clock pregnancy journeyShe decided to have a crazy moment of jumping all over the place, just as I was having my picture taken!

Guess the poop:

This one’s gross! ¬†Basically you number the nappies and then melt different bars of chocolate into them. ¬†Guests then have to¬†guess which they are… any means necessary!

guess the poop baby shower game

Beth did a very god job of hosting the shower and keeping such a large gaggle of women under control, especially when there was Prosecco at stake!  We had the loveliest afternoon with some of our favourite ladies and just the tiniest hint of pink ;-P

baby shower vintage crockery  tulips, teacups chintz

butterfly biscuits vintage china cake stand candy stripe tablecloth

vintage tea cups and saucers crockery chintz baby shower theme pink candy stripe tablecloth

baby shower cake three tier daisies flowers sugar craft vintage cake stand tulips

pink roses tulips flowers

Despite telling our friends and family that they shouldn’t bring presents, they did and so like I was having not one but two baby showers, baby Palmer has been spoilt again. ¬†She really is a very lucky little girl already ūüôā

Hope you all had a great weekend too.

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...