Be a social butterfly...

“When and how did we end up with a menagerie of animals?”

This is a question I ask myself often as I look around my unkempt home and trip over one of our three, four legged friends.

“Are all pets this strange?”

This is a question I ask myself as the dog eats poop out of the litter tray; as the big fat cat wiggles his tail like a dog and the kitten tries to climb out of the  upstairs window.

“How do they make so much poo?”

This is a question I ask myself as I pick up the dog poo that ruins my pretty garden, change the cat litter that all three animals have played a part in spreading onto the floor and clean up that sneaky one that the dog has done in the hall because she is grumpy today.

“Do they have a selective memory?”

This is a question I ask when for the 100th time today I have to tell the dog NOT to jump up to the kitchen work surface as she seemingly didn’t remember being told 99 times before and yet, magically all the animals remember the sound that the fridge makes, that a tin can opener makes, that biscuits make.  Oh yes, they remember that!

“Why can I never stay cross with you?”

I ask myself this question every single day…and the answer is as follows….

kitten smile lola

grace beth knit puppy dog cute

rocky candle cat roses

kitten dont work laptop

dog nose

I know, they’re really cute aren’t they.  Look what happens when you put them together…

grace lola sleep dog and kitten cat

rocky and lola cat and kitten grey

Or even more cute…look what happens when you put them with a baby!!

rocky matthew cat and baby

So perhaps there will always be a few hairs stuck in my carpets, perhaps no rubbish bin will ever be safe from their curiosity and perhaps I will never get over the fact that I must be intimately involved in their…’toilet situation’.  But I do like them.


Be a social butterfly...