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I love Autumn, I really do but this one is proving a little chilly isn’t it :-S

When it’s cold and windy outside I love nothing more than snuggling up infront of the fire.  So I made it my mission to ‘finish’ the living room and make it into an inviting space to hide away from the elements.

fireplace autumn vintage vogue believe

The fireplace is the focal point of this room.  It’s pale marble and looks crisp with the cool white walls.  I’ve used the mantle as a shelf to display some lovely things, including my ‘Believe’ sign which I adore.

mirror vogue vintage

This vase was a gift from my Grandma when I turned 18.  She gave me a little money and I’d been looking at this womb like piece for ages.  I’m not sure why I liked it so much, but I still like it now.  It’s very tactile and looks like the surface of some far away planet!

The Vogue mirror is vintage.  It’s stunning isn’t it!?  I bought it online a few years ago and my long suffering husband drove for an hour to collect it from the vendor’s long suffering husband 🙂

fireplace autumn decor hazel


This fire is actually very good and throws out alot of heat, but were trying to use the radiators more so I can put this lovely hazel infront of it without getting in the way.


It’s such amazing stuff!  This hazel was given to me by my friend Linzi who blogs here.   I’m going to pinch some more for hanging decorations 🙂 she won’t mind!


Phill and Beth think I’m a bit bonkers but when I see the ground below a tree covered in the mahogany colours of conkers (or cheggies as they are called up my way) I can’t help but collect them!  Maybe it’s the child in me that still remembers all the different tecniques we all used trying to make the hardest conker for playground battles?  I used to soak mine in vinegar and I know people who swore by baking them or freezing them….the list is endless!

I don’t think any of the techniques really worked and conkers were banned from the playground when I was about 10 anyway.  Also I was rubbish at it!

fir cones

I brought these home to add to my fir cone garland, but they look so nice like this that I’m loathed to move them and yes, that is a squash on my fireplace.


It might seem like an odd thing to do but squashes (this one’s an onion squash) keep for weeks and add a shot of seasonal colour long after flowers would have faded.  This one will probably last as long as it avoids being eaten by the dog!!

Speaking of flowers….


We made these at the WI.  Aren’t they beautiful?  I’m really proud of this arrangement and I plan to keep it going by adding fresh flowers once these are past their best.

pumpkin autumn flowers


They’re sat in a pumpkin on the coffee table and really set of the squash on the fireplace and Autumnal decor that we have in here.

I love this room.  It’s so light and airy, it feels like a space where you can think and relax and watch the World go by through the window.

Are you bringing a little of the outside in this season?

Love Rachel









Be a social butterfly...