Be a social butterfly...

It may be a little bit grim outside but inside is looking a little nicer.  Phill and I have been like ships that pass in the night recently; either he’s away or I am.  As always, when I miss him, I clean.  Well I don’t just clean; I dig, I drill, I paint, I throw things away, I sand, I screw, I finish projects, I start others and I buy shoes that I don’t need.

I can’t decide whether these sky scraper heels remind me of Christmas or the Bay City Rollers!

I probably don’t need these shoes…but I like them….

…and so does Beth who tried them on after school!

I also buy flowers.  Some people may think it’s odd to buy flowers for myself, but I do it all the time.

I’d choose flowers over chocolates anytime and even though Phill is home again I’m still enjoying these lovely Gladioli that I bought when he was away.

I bought two bunches for myself, one deep, regal purple and one baby pink.

The purple ones I placed on the dining room table with a cake stand I had filled with pine cones and heather from my trip to the Highlands.  Most of the pink ones brightened up a dark corner in the Living Room.

Some of the pink stems had flowers were so far down, they would have been below the water-line; so I pinched them off and put them in a small candle holder.  I think they look great!  I’ll definitely do this again, I hate throwing blooms away.

The three objects make a nice centre-piece for an Autumn Table.  I love how the light shines through the glass and even the petals; so delicate.

This is one of our cats, Rocky.  I did NOT choose his name :-S  We wouldn’t normally allow the cats to be on the table but he looked so adorable that I couldn’t move him right away.

Isn’t he nosy….I mean photogenic 🙂

For some reason my cats were very interested in the camera today.  This is Poppy (who’s name I DID have a hand in) hiding behind the pink flowers.  The lovely pale petals looked like tissue paper against the blue walls.

What is it about a vase of flowers that makes a home feel loved?

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...

  • Michelle

    I love flowers too, anytime of year. Plants are great but a vase of flowers, especially right in the middle of winter, makes you feel like it’s not that long till we’ll all be enjoying them outside again too! Plus, if they are a surprise gift, then even better! 🙂

    • Rachlouann

      I totally agree xx