Be a social butterfly...

I love gardening.  I find peace in planting something and watching it grow; I find a sense of achievement in reviving a plant left for dead in the sale section of a garden centre.  I love colour, shape and fragrance and I like teaching Beth about the seasons and how to care for living things.

My love for flowers came from my love for art.  Throughout my childhood and teens, I would stare at prints from Gainsborough and Monet and imagine walking around the spaces they had painted.  When I daydreamed, I was a fine lady on a swing, enveloped in the scent of old roses; I drifted lazily amongst water lillies, nobody there but me.

As an adult, I have been the keeper of both huge 1/2 acre plots of land and tiny little yards, barely two paving slabs wide.  Whatever the situation I have made the best of things and some of my plants have moved with me from home to home.

One of my most prized plants is a moth white, climbing rose called Special Child.  It starts with pale pink buds and opens to heavily scented blooms with tiny pink speckles.  I bought it for my own special child when she was four and despite six years of being attacked by aphids, drought, frost, house moves and a crazy puppy who has dug it up twice, it lives!  Phill surprised me with ‘The Rachel Rose’ one anniversary: I knew right there and then that he understood me.

I also adore the small cherry tree that Phill bought for ‘the special child’ when we had been together a year.  I remember him telling Beth that we’d make jam with the fruit and her asking how long it would be until there were enough cherries for jam.  “A long time I think” ……..”so you’re going to be my Phill for a ‘long time’ then?”  Plants are like little time capsules to me.

And now the confession.  I have completely neglected the garden where we live now.  Other than transplanting a few plants from the old house and erecting a bird table, I’ve done nothing.  Yes I and not we, Phill just doesn’t understand gardens, so he stays away from gardening!  He likes to barbecue in nice surroundings, but to him flowers are just something that go around mini football pitches lawns 😛

So this year, I have decided to create a lovely garden.  It’s only a small space, but you can do an awful lot with very little if you use your imagination.  I’ve started with a wish list which is as follows 🙂

As you can see I like a palette of pinks, purples and creams and I prefer scented plants.  Once upon a time I lived next to some bee keepers who would collect and share their honey with us.  It really made me think about the flowers I grew and how they could be helpful to local wildlife.

One day I will have a space like this…..

….but for now, I’m working on a much smaller scale!   So our little patch will soon be transformed by lots of old fashioned blousy plants that will look and smell fantastic and I can’t wait to share the journey with you.

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...