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The dining room is finally complete!  Work on this room had come to a standstill once the walls were painted and the furniture was in, but a recent flurry of activity has seen the large dresser transformed and the windows properly dressed.

The window has been the subject of debate for some time.  When I say debate, the only one who has been debating is me….with myself.  I just didn’t know what to do with it.  The dining room/kitchen is very much my domain.  I love to cook and force feed people and I regularly change the look of this room to suit the time of year, with bunting, table cloths, flowers and ornaments.

There in lies the rub; any permanent fixtures, such as curtains, need to be neutral enough to compliment both the pastels of Spring and the glitter and gingham of Christmas.  I would have simply added cream cotton curtains but on a sunny day, the light just floods into this room and I couldn’t bear to block any of the sunshine.  Leaving the window bare just isn’t an option as we are overlooked and we’re all quite prone to wandering around in towels and pyjamas from time to time.  When it’s dark outside and our lights are on, we might aswell be in a fish bowl!  We need a little privacy.

Behold the solution!  Net curtains…..yes I said it….net curtains!!  But these are anything but ‘granny-like’, looking more like a pair of wedding veils.  I think they look lovely and so romantic.

The more light and bright the room became, the heavier and more ‘orangey’ this old dresser began to look.  Something had to be done.  Now I know that some people loved this dresser just the way it was but it really did stick out like a sore thumb against everything else in the room.  It was an inexpensive, modern, second hand piece, so I wasn’t ‘destroying’ anything precious if it went wrong and what could go wrong with Annie Sloan on my side?  Hearing about my dresser dilemma, they sent me some paint and wax!

I’d heard big things about this paint.  No sanding, no primer, perfect coverage etc and the moment I posted a picture of the tins, you all wanted to know what the paint was like, so I’m going to be completely honest.

It wasn’t entirely what I expected!

Firstly it was a stretch to cover this dresser with one tin; I managed it but I panicked all the way and I couldn’t paint the insides of the bottom cupboards.  I think I expected the paint to go on like ‘one coat’ emulsion,  a very dense opaque colour that would cover up the wood in one stroke.  That wasn’t the case.  The dresser needed two coats and if I’d had more paint, I might have given it three just for good measure!

The paint is thick, dries very quickly and doesn’t drip, so much so that I was able to paint this huge piece of furniture in situ, despite the new carpet it was sat on!  It doesn’t smell very strong either, unlike most paints.  When I had my head inside the top cupboards, I did fall victim to the fumes a little bit but I think that’s to be expected.  By tea time, the room smelt like dinner and not chemicals 🙂

Once I’d given the dresser a second coat and allowed to dry overnight (just to be sure) I set about waxing it.  You apply the wax with a soft cloth and it ‘seals’ the paint, protecting it and making it water proof.  Now, this is where I am unsure.  Once I’d applied the wax, the paint began to look a little patchy.  It isn’t evident from a distance but really close up you can see where some areas might have got a hint of a third coat while most only had two.  I think if I’d had enough paint to give the whole piece a final layer, the finish would have been more ‘solid’.  So it isn’t a failing of the product, which is fantastic, it’s just the fact that this is such a large piece of furniture.

I should however point out that Phill prefers this look to the milky finish we had before waxing.  He points out (quite correctly) that it makes the furniture look ‘aged’ and that if I gave the edges a light sanding it would look even more so.  I may just do that yet.  The wax, like the paint is easy to apply and doesn’t have a strong odour.  You can apply one layer to protect or multiple laters to create a shine.  For now, I’ve stuck with one layer.

So we all know that Annie Sloan is a little more expensive than your average paint, right?  So you want to know if I think it’s worth it?  I’d say yes.  Perhaps I could have done with a little more, but the paint itself is a fantastic colour and the finish seems instantly more robust than that of other paints and the dog has already tested it. The wax, does indeed make the piece waterproof and the lovely chalky texture is fantastic for creating a soft, high end look.

Now this battered old piece of furniture, bought on a whim and hidden behind family junk is the focal point of my favourite room and something I will keep forever.  This room is just divine. (Although I didn’t mean to make it look quite so girly :-S)  It makes cooking and eating even more enjoyable.

All of a sudden those chairs are looking a little ‘orangey’ :-S    Hmmmm… we go again!

Love Rachel




Be a social butterfly...