Be a social butterfly...

Living in England, particularly living in the North of England, you come to understand that nice weather is never guaranteed, whatever the time of year.

Poppy-cat, waiting ……”the leftovers will be mine!”

When you do get a sunny spell, you have to make the most of it as you never know when the next one will be.

Rocky (who was under the table) “Poppy’s leftovers are mine!”

Weekday or weekend, busy or not, us northerners will use any patch of grass, and patio with even a postage stamp sized patch of sunshine.

We move around our gardens, following the light until we are huddled up against the fence eating hot dogs…..but its all part of the charm of an English summertime.

The Burger King!

Our family….we barbecue!  Any chance we get!

The best BBQ helper in town!

Tonight we had steak and sausages for dinner and last night we had …. steak and sausages for dinner, although yesterday’s was made by my Dad.  My lovely step-Mum made a chunky salad (because Dad had forgotten the lettuce) and it was really good.  We used the chunky vegetables as crudites until the meat was cooked.

This evening I made my version, with spring onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, celery and beetroot, like my step-Mum’s; but I added, raw sliced mushrooms, olive oil and lemon juice.  The pink of the beetroot dyes the other vegetables and it looks so pretty.

How do you enjoy a warm evening?

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...