Be a social butterfly...

My husband is a hopeless romantic, did I ever tell you that?  When we had been together for 3 months he told me I would have a surprise delivered the next day, a 3 month anniversary present.

I don’t deal very well with surprises…call me a control freak if you will, but I just don’t!  So I pestered him for a clue.

His clue was: ‘brown wind’.  Now I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound very pleasant to me :-S  sp I searched google (not a good idea) and then tried to think of different words for brown and wind and what that might mean.

This beautiful Rose bush, Tan-Gust (see what he did there?) was delivered the next day.

It was named a second time after Rachel-de-Thame and became known in our family as the Rachel rose.

This heartfelt gift has moved gardens 3 times since then and continues to give a beautiful smell and the most glorious flowers.

Though the flowers begin as small, dark pink-coral buds and grow to beautiful blousey flowers that once fully opened, could be mistaken for peonies.

I love it.  It was the perfect gift then and is the perfect reminder now of a relationship just beginning. Thank you Phill. x

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...