Be a social butterfly...

I just can’t get sorted.  I’m trying so hard to make this house at least functionally tidy but it’s not happening and I’ve no idea where my days are being spent.  I don’t know how some people manage it?  They pack up and move and in a day or two everything is perfect.  Even when they’re still unpacking their new home looks presentable.  Mine looks like we’ve been burgled.  There’s just so much to do.  We’ve downsized, that’s part of the problem.  We have fewer rooms to unpack our things into but we’re also contending with the relics from Phill’s old business.  As well as the usual household things, we have mountains of office equipment, tools and goodness knows what else.

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We have given so many things to our local Charity shop that now they look harassed when I arrive with more and yet I just can’t seem to make a dent on the unpacking.  You have to struggle over things to even get in the front door and it’s really starting to get to me.  I’m beginning to fall out of love with this house.

I think I’ve worked out what the problem is and it isn’t the bathroom (though going from having one each to one between us again has taken some getting used to), it’s the kitchen.  You see although at first glance this kitchen may appear to have a decent amount of storage space, further inspection reveals that this is just a cruel trick!  Behind one cupboard is a washing machine, a dryer behind the next.  The fridge is hidden behind another door and another houses the freezer.  That big corner cupboard is not so spacious with all the energy meters inside and the drawers….four of them are fake.

baking cupboard

I think you can probably tell that we like to eat alot of fresh meat and vegetables, so we don’t tend to have alot of store cupboard food to find space for….but we do have a lot of ‘kit’.  In our old house I had a whole cupboard full of cake and bread tins and a drawer just for chopping boards; now I’m struggling to find space for the cat food.  It wasn’t a pretty kitchen, by anyone’s standards, but everything had a place which meant that we had a fighting chance at being organised and tidy even if we didn’t always succeed.  I’d say I probably have about half the storage space now and the same huge amount of kitchen equipment.

I keep looking at all these things and wondering what I can get rid of, but there isn’t anything.  Not if I want to carry on living the life I do anyway!   Yes I have dozens of cookie cutters; but I’ve collected them because I like the different shapes and because I like to make biscuits with my little girl.


I can’t throw those old jam jars away, I’ve been hoarding keeping them because we’re going to make Rosemary jelly next week and mincemeat the week after.  I agree, that is alot of mugs for a family of three, but trust me there were many more before the great cull of 2013 and sometimes we have that many tea drinkers here that we do run out!!

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and it has always, always, always been my favourite room.  It’s where I live, where I create a sense of home, of comfort, of welcome and right now it’s a mess, it’s dirty and I can’t do it.  Meals have been cooked here, but there’s no pleasure in it.  I’m tripping over boxes and fighting for surface space with tins of paint and random paperwork.  I seem to spend hours just looking at it all and moving mess from one area to another.  I can’t seem to tackle any other room either.  Sorting through old clothes and bags, I feel guilty knowing that my family’s food is being prepared in a dump!   So I just go back to the kitchen to stare at stuff and move it around.

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Until I can put the kettle on or (chance would be a fine thing) bake something in a semi-tidy, clean kitchen, I haven’t a hope of getting to grips with the rest of the house.

I don’t think I can sleep tonight until it’s done.  I want to wake up tomorrow and see clean surfaces, an empty sink and a floor that you can walk on without checking your footing.  So I have to find new places to store all of this ‘stuff’ and be brutal with the non-essentials.  Non-essentials like the three broken hand mixers I just found??  Or the half a dozen plastic lids without the tubs to match, they can go too.   Oh and that’s out of date, that’s really out of date and that’s just really, really sticky :-S


Perhaps the empty jars can wait in the shed for their day in the sun and cereals can live in the built in cupboard in the dining room?  I wonder whether it’s considered weird to store your glasses under the bed? Lol.

I think some of these cupboards will always have weird combinations of items inside, but at least the open shelves will be pretty and who knows, tomorrow I might just put all the cupboard doors back on!!

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...