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Hasn’t the weather been dismal? I had so many plans for Easter that weren’t so much washed out as frozen out!

I was so hopeful as I decorated the house for Easter, all of those pastel coloured eggs made me think of sunny days stretched out on the lawn, daisy chains and picnics.  Well there wasn’t much chance of that in the snow was there??  It feels as though we’ve been in the depths of the bleakest of Winter’s for a year and as I packed away the eggs and chicks, it was really starting to get me down 🙁

The heating is still on, we’re still eating Winter comfort food and my skin…..well it’s so pale that I’m almost see-through!

If it isn’t lovely outside, we can at least make it lovely inside.  I regularly change the decoration in my dining room (it’s very much my domain) to fit the seasons.  I change the table cloth, the items on the dresser and the bunting on the wall and it could be a different house.

This lovely bunting has inspired the colours this time, the sky blue and the red and pink paisley just sings of Summer!

I paired it with this vintage linen tablecloth.

It wasn’t until I saw it with the paisley and this stunning orchid (a Mother’s Day gift) that I realised the design had a slightly Eastern look and as we’ve just got back from Beijing, it seems quite fitting!

The colours really set off the chopsticks we brought back from Beijing and the pink and the birdcage that we used to collect cards at our wedding.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to completely change a room, the paisley bunting is just £12.95 and everything else has just been brought into the room front around the house.  Once you have a starting point, it’s easy to see how the things you already have can be used to update a space from season to season.

I particularly love the little white Japanese teapot.  I know it’s a little garish and cheap looking but it’s sentiment is so sweet.

‘Love is….the little things we do for each other’.  This is perfect right now as it’s very nearly mine and Phill’s first wedding Anniversary and his 30th birthday.

Hopefully the bright colours in this room will stave off Seasonal Effective Disorder for a few more weeks until the sun decides to visit and when it does, I like this colour scheme so much that I might use all EIGHT METERS of the bunting in the garden.

How are you fighting the Wintery Springtime blues.

Love Rachel


**  Just to let you know, I was asked to review the paisley bunting for but I had been eyeing it up for a little while anyway! **

It’s lovely, it’s that simple!  The fabric is great quality and the stitching is well done and it’s sooooo long!  So long in fact, that I had to rest some of it on top of the dining room dresser so that it would fit the wall!  I would cut it down, but I want to use it outside should the good weather ever arrive, so folding it over works well enough for me!

One of the most surprising things about this bunting is the price, at £12.95 I’m not sure you could make it any cheaper!

To see the full range of Dot Com Gift Shop bunting, click here

Be a social butterfly...