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Whenever you are building a house or going through major renovations, you will often hear your construction contractors discussing ‘finishing jobs.’ This term describes the final touches made to your home that finish it off to perfection – that’s the theory, anyway. The reality can be somewhat different, however. Some shoddy workmanship or a botched DIY job can have an enormous impact on the final results, and unless you want to be disappointed, make sure you get your finishing jobs done right. Let’s take a look at some of the main areas that can often cause problems.



Let’s say you are getting a new kitchen put in. In most cases, you will paint the walls first, before the fitters come into to put up your units. Then it’s a case of tiling the floor and splash areas – and all kinds of things can go wrong. Dodgy measurements can make your lines go awry, turning what should be a straight set of tiles into a curvaceous nightmare. You also need to be sure you are keeping everything level, or you will end up with lumps and bumps on your floors and walls. If you’re seeking perfection, ensure that your tiling is up to scratch.


Colour schemes

Another big issue when adding the final touches is the furniture, fixtures, and fitting you put in. Colour clashes are common, as many people will buy without any reference to the hues and tones of their current pieces. Take buying new curtains, for example. You can spend a fortune on fabric and creation, but when the time comes to put them up, you suddenly realise they don’t match your sofas and carpet. As you can see from sites like, there’s a huge range of choice when it comes to curtain fabric. But you should always try and see it with your naked eye, first, to ensure you are getting the correct shade and colour schemes.



Painting and decorating are those type of things that everyone thinks they can do, but when push comes to shove, they are more likely to create a big mess. It’s taken me awhile to get comfy with painting in the house, and there is a lot that can go wrong. Whether it’s inaccuracy when applying your masking tape or forgetting to cover all your furniture with dust sheets, these simple little things can ruin the incredible impact new paintwork can often give.



The last part of creating your home is the most important of all. As point out, good home design is composed of many different vignettes – the little stories you want your home to tell. A glance at your fireplace mantel, for example, could reveal a brief history of your close family. A corner of the room with foreign artifacts could remind you of the time you went traveling, while a collection of coastal and beach-based objects can show off your love of the sea. Make sure you keep all these areas separated, or your room could turn into an incomprehensible mess.

These finishing touches are so important for the look and feel of your home. Don’t get them wrong!

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