Be a social butterfly...

I came home from work the other day to this delightful creature.


“Well you said you wanted chickens” Phill said.

It has a motion sensor and cocka doodle doos whenever anyone walks past.  I’ve decided to name him George.  I did say I wanted chickens, but this wasn’t quite what I had in mind.  :-/

This is what I had in mind…

chicken coop blue

or this…

chicken coop green

But I suppose when I imagine these things I also imagine permanently blue skies, picket fences and rolling hills.  A million miles from my little, overlooked garden in the suburbs.

I know that some people do a very good job of keeping chickens in tiny gardens and yards, even amidst the hustle and bustle of a city and keeping chickens seems like a great idea to me: free fertiliser, free range eggs everyday, sweet little birds pecking around the place.  It has surprised me to hear how many people are keeping chickens these days, in the most unlikely places.

But I doubt that I am even close to convincing Phill!  I can’t see him living ‘the good life’ just yet ;-P

Oh well.  Maybe one day 🙂

Have you ever considered keeping chickens?

Love Rachel




Be a social butterfly...

  • phillpalmer

    Love you baby, but we cant have chickens. You don’t even like eggs and our dog would eat them, along with the extra dietary knickers she consumes at the moment 😉

    • VintageFolly

      I do like eggs! In cake and meringue and custard and stuff x

  • Andrew Dennis

    … all your seedlings scratched out, potato earthing kicked over and mulch kicked up to half a metre from where it was put in all directions. There’s a reason why chickenwire is a thing and it’s called ‘chicken’wire. It protects your garden from the feathery little vandals. In the event of you getting chickens I can furnish you a comprehensive list of useful profanities to scream at them.

    • VintageFolly


  • Rachel

    You should defo have chickens. Are old girls are just that now so no more eggs but they’re fabulous little friends to have pottering about 🙂 x