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“Hello my name is Gracie and I am the destroyer of carpets” 

Yes she’s rather elegant looking and lots of fun but my goodness is she determined when it comes to digging underneath closed doors!  Barely a floor in our house went unscathed when Gracie moved in and eventually even the cats even began to follow suit.  Room by room we’ve been replacing the damaged carpets and opting for a chocolate brown instead of the cream we started with.    I’m still not sure what I think of brown carpets, but I can say that my stress level has gone down dramatically since replacing the cream one in the dining room!!!

The fitters today are my brother and brother in law 🙂 They and my lovely man have embarked on a new business venture and carpets are part of it.  I think that makes me the guinea pig :-/

I’ve been dreading the day when we have to fit this carpet.  This room is the biggest in the house and there’s some pretty large furniture in it including a giant TV (Phill’s), an (almost) antique dresser filled with vintage crockery (mine) and goodness knows how many DVD’s (all of ours).   Just the thought of moving it all makes me feel a little bit queazy and having all these things piled up in the wrong rooms is just asking for something to be broken.

Once it’s done it’s done though and it will smell fresh and feel soft and look tidy. I’ll fit the lamp shade that fell off and was never replaced and the redecoration of the living room will be complete.  Then I’ll close the door and tackle the rest of the house :-/

I can almost guarantee that by the time we call this place finished we’ll be moving again lol.  But for now we’re just going room to room, creating ‘home’.

Goodbye cream carpet …

Pleased to meet you Builder’s bum (My brother in law will kill me for this ;-P )

Hello chocolate brown loveliness.

Happily nothing was broken and the gents were in and out in less than an hour and a half!   If you’re in the North West and want to chat to them about flooring click here

So here it is, our living room.  The only thing I’d change about it is the fireplace, but you can’t have everything you want can you!   This room has been described as ‘French’, ‘shabby chic’, ‘cottagey’ and a complete mis mash!  WE describe it as light, warm and uplifting.

What do you think?

The cushions are looking a little scarce at the moment as I’m having a Spring clean, but I’m sure you get the idea 🙂

I love this room so much, I feel calmer when I’m here.  It’s light and uncomplicated and perfectly mixes all of our tastes: vintage crockery, pink doll houses and Banksy prints.  It feels like home and right now it smells like hyacinths.

The only thing that needs to be done is something…anything (!) about these blooming wires!  But all in all, we are done 🙂


Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...