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Beth’s bedroom has been a mess for weeks.  I’ve been protesting!

Usually I would get fed up and clean it, but this time I decided to stand my ground.  I think it’s time she learnt to look after her things a little better.  When I deal with Beth’s bedroom, it stays tidy for a couple of days before descending into anarchy again.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that within 48 hours you won’t be able to see the carpet and things will start to get broken.

I’d hoped that being made to tidy the whole room herself would make her realise how long it takes me to do it and encourage her to keep it under control for a little longer.  So other than going in to kiss her goodnight, wake her up, change her bed-linen and to complain about the mess…..I’ve barely been in there.

I adore my daughter and make a point of not complaining about her, but I must admit, I have been a fairly vocal about this issue to just about anyone who will listen!  I wondered how long it would take her to actually do what we were asking her to do and I struggled but fought the urge to clean it myself.  Backed up by stories from other parents who have done the same thing, I waited.

But now there’s a deadline; the flooring in her room needs to be replaced and we want to set up a desk and some more shelving.  So yesterday…..I went in.

She had tidied little bits of it and had clearly spent time reorganising her cupboards and actually, as I sat there amongst bits of paper and beads and lego and teddy bear clothes, I realised that some serious effort has gone into her room recently.

Yes it was in quite a state but she’d detangled all of her millions of necklaces and beads; you couldn’t see much of the carpet but at least every item of clothing was hung in her wardrobe; her boxed games were stacked on her shelves, her teddies and dolls were all neatly in a row……and she’d made her bed.

So although it took a few hours to clear everything away, the lion’s share had infact been done by Beth!

Pre-teen’s bedrooms are a strange place.  Beth has almost as many accessories as I do, even her bag collection rivals mine!!  She has great taste in music and I have been known to borrow her lip gloss and curling tongs from time to time.  She’s growing up fast 🙁  but mercifully she still has her dollies.

Though they aren’t really played with anymore, Emma, Bella and Lucy Diamond will I’m sure, have a permanent place in her heart.  She reads alot of the same books as I did at her age and creates little displays of treasures from her holidays and adventures.   There are signs of both a child and a teenager in this room and I’m sure that this big overhaul will mean saying goodbye to a few more relics of her early years.

I’m trying to be cool about it, I’m really trying!!!!

Beth’s a collector and a documenter; she makes scrap books and keeps diaries….lots of diaries!!!  It seemed that every notebook has some sort of diary entry (don’t worry, I resisted the urge to snoop!).  They don’t take up too much space, so I think that she should keep them, they’ll make interesting reading when she’s a grown up!   There are some things that she clearly has too many of though, I counted 12 pencil cases, all full to bursting!  But it’s hard to know what to give/throw away.

The more I sat and looked at her room, not just the things that she has, but the way that she’s chosen the arrange them, the more I realised how similar she and I really are.  There are things that I have now, things that I deem precious, that to the untrained eye would seem like rubbish.  So I found myself hesitating before I put things in the rubbish bag and I was glad when Beth came home from school and could help!!

When she saw how close her room was to being finished she stood there open mouthed before giving me a huge hug and promising to keep it tidy this time…..just like last time lol.

In alot of ways I enjoy tidying my daughter’s room.  She has some beautiful things and I love the way that her personality is right there in every drawing, every collection and every keepsake.  I love the smell of Beth’s room.  It might not be tidy but it’s smells fantastic, like a mixture of sweets, pencil crayons and fruity body spray.  I suppose it smells like Beth.

I’m looking forward to finishing off Beth’s room and showing you my lovely little big girl’s boudoir!

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...