Be a social butterfly...

I discovered the wonders of Twitter a few months before I discovered the wonders of blogging.  I like Twitter.  Twitter is like a huge room of people who don’t know each other who have turned up because they like a chat!  Some of them are old, some young, some funny, some serious….some sober, some drunk! 😛  You never know who might read what you tweet or what they’ll tweet back?  The people who follow you are doing so because they find you interesting or entertaining, not because you met briefly at a party or they went to the same Primary School.

One of the first non-celebrity people I began following was Mary, otherwise known as @Sew_Pretty .  Mary has the most beautiful blog-site and sells her adorable creations from her Folksy store.  I think I first came across Mary when she tweeted about Kirstie Allsopp (see we were clearly meant to be friends!).  As the months rolled by I realised that we had a lot in common, our likes, our experiences and our opinions.  Mine is a sense of humour that does not always translate well into written words but I think she ‘gets me’ lol.

When I started to talk about the wedding bunting project, Mary did spring to mind straight away.  Her sewn creations are just so lovely that I thought it must be a passion of hers and she was always interested in hearing about my wedding plans; it seemed obvious that I should ask her…..but I was so nervous!   Mary has something of a following and had been talking about trips to Blog Award Ceremonies and such like; I worried that she would be too busy or think me cheeky for even suggesting it.  I bit the bullet and told her my idea and Mary immediately said yes, yes, yes: even adding a duh! Of course she wanted to take part, she’s lovely!

I knew that Mary would make something beautiful, but I didn’t expect the glorious gift that we received.  As I opened the tissue paper, a smell of citrus rose up and I saw the bunting!  The pennants were made of peach and cream, floral fabric, with alternate pennants made of cream lace.  As if all of that were not enough, Mary also sent us this truly beautiful ‘sew in love’, scented, heart.

People can say what they like about the internet, but it can be used as a tool for good, a way to create communities across the miles.  There are people who are good and kind and so very generous.  It is so touching to think that a lady I have never met, cared enough to make something beautiful and unique for my wedding day.  I want to say a huge thank you to Mary, for making such a heartfelt gift and for being a fabulous online-type friend. ;-P

Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...