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Just recently, my lovely step-mum had a birthday.  I won’t tell you her age but I assure you, she doesn’t look it!  Deciding on a gift for her birthday was really difficult and I toyed with lots of ideas but sadly everything missed the mark.  Then I spotted this little fellow.

scarlet pimpernell sarah taylor robin painting print

The Scarlet Pimpernel is part of a collection of original prints by artist Sarah Taylor.   A paint splash hero, Sarah creates the most incredible characters by layering geometric shapes and blowing ink with straws and an old hairdryer!  She pays special attention to the eyes of the animals she depicts, making them as realistic as possible despite their abstract bodies.

I’ve honestly never seen anything like Sarah’s work.  The use of colour is incredible and every time you look at the pieces, you spot something new.

scarlet pimpernell sarah taylor

It goes without saying that the whole effect is very modern, but the charm and personality in Sarah’s artwork is timeless.  You can buy her prints and canvasses or commission her to create a unique piece pf art based on your own images.

Her prints collection features a variety of woodland animals such as foxes and stags, but I chose a Robin because they have a very special meaning to the birthday girl 🙂  A robin visits her garden throughout the year but it seems that everywhere she goes, she sees a robin.

At first, I didn’t believe that this was true – I mean everywhere??  But then we went on holiday to a cottage in the Lake District and lo and behold, we were joined on our first evening, by an extra dinner guest – a little red breasted friend.   We saw the Robin and it’s baby every day and began to leave food for them, but they never stayed long enough for me to catch them on camera.

scarlet pimpernel sarah taylor

Then the following year, we visited Brittany.  Arriving late in the evening with a very restless Dorothy, my Step-Mum and I decided to take a walk around the village to calm her down.  The sun was already setting but as we walked along the pretty streets, a familiar feathered friend came to join us.  I honestly couldn’t believe it.  She was right, everywhere she goes, a little Robin follows.

Robins hold a deep symbolism to a lot of people.  It’s said that when a Robin crosses your path, a loved one in Heaven is saying hello.   I really like that idea and it makes me love the print even more.

The Scarlet Pimpernel is so pretty that it very nearly found it’s home on my mantelpiece!  Were it not for the fact that every time I looked at it I thought of my Step-Mum, I might have chosen a different gift, but it was clear that this little chap was meant to live with her.

Sarah has very generously offered to give one of you your very own print from her collection.   It will arrive as mine did, beautifully wrapped in brown paper (I was genuinely sad to unwrap it for the print to be framed!) and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning, is enter the competition below.

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If you could ask Sarah to create a piece based on any animal, which animal would it be?

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...