Be a social butterfly...

I like shoes…I like cake…I like shoe cake most of all!!!

I bought a shoe shaped cake tin a little while ago and have been waiting for an opportunity to use it…what better opportunity than as a reward for my lovely friends, giving up their Friday night to make ‘Save the Date’ Cards?

The tin was not cheap and makes one shoe.  Both mixes spilt out over the top, the chocolate much more than the vanilla, but the instruction booklet warns that this will happen.  Apart from a few fiddly moments attempting to get the cake OUT of the tin, my first attempt went well.

The cakes were actually harder to ice then I had expected – that’ll teach me to mock the manufacturers image!

Of course they could only ever be Ruby Red slippers, dripping with scarlet butter cream, sprinkled with glitter and finished with a hand-made, sugar-craft rose.  This was only my first attempt and I think they look lovely.

If you would like some for your special occassion, let me know!

They were almost good enough to wear……..

Be a social butterfly...