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Last weekend I went on a daytrip to London to see Shrek with Beth and my friends Maggie and Donna. The trip had been well organised by Maggie who is Bethany’s ‘Fairy’ Godmother, who also bought Beth’s tickets as a very generous Birthday-Christmas present!!

I had an amazing time and had intended to blog about my weekend, but I could not compete with the write up offered by my nine year old!  So I wont!  Beth wrote about the day in sections to create a booklet and here it is complete and unedited…

“My Day in London to Watch Shrek – By Bethany Alexis

Our Trip There:

The night before we left, me, Mum and Maggie stayed at Donna’s and ate our tea at 11 o’clock and then went to bed ready to wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning.

We drove to Preston Bus Station, they open dead early and we got VIP front seats on the coach (YES!)

I played on my DSi, ate two packets of crisps, drank my vimto and a bit of my water.  Oh and some soft mints.  Anyway I also fell asleep on a coach for the first time in my life!  They swapped drivers and pretty soon, we were there.

The Natural History Museum

We all walked for a while until we found the Natural History Museum.  It was massive and so was the queue infront of it, but it died down quickly.

We saw monkey skeletons above our heads and a box room filled with screens and mirrors so that the pictures looked as though they were on the outskirts of the Earth.  We saw loads more things including diamonds and then we had cups of tea and a glass of Coke.

We then went to the Gift shop and I bought three things with my own money.

The Gold and Silver Gentlemen

We nearly ended up poor because there were so many funny and perfectional (she means professional) gentlemen and ladies dressed like statues.  They all did the same sort of thing.  When you put money in their box they will do something funny, like one put a toy sword to my neck and tried on my flowery back pack or poke you in the nose.  Donna took a picture.

The Magic Show in Covent Garden

We carried on walking and came to a magic show.  the magician was all chained up with padlocks and then somehow he slipped them off in exactly four minutes.  It looked very painful.  we gave him a pound.


We set of with our tickets ready for the start of the show at half past seven.  I bought a donkey hoodie with ears!

We were very high up and the theatre was beautiful with lots of gold bits and statues.  I loved Shrek.  The characters were really fun and the music was rocking!  I used some binoculars at the start but I didn’t really need them.   

Princess Fiona was a lady from Girls Aloud and Lord Farquod had to walk around on his knees!  My favourite part was when the dragon swooped down over our heads.

Our Way Home

When we went to get the coach at midnight, everyone was pushing, it was so annoying, but luckily we got seats with a table so we could all be together.

We didn’t keep our good luck because half way home a man got on the coach and had a big argument with the driver.  In the end it all got sorted out.

We finally got to sleep and when we did I fell straight to sleep!

Bethany x    “

As you can tell, Beth (like me!) had a fantastic day.  The show was really very good with Kimberley Walsh giving an impressive performance!!  The set and costumes are amazing and although I don’t remember any of the music vividly (meaning I can’t have been particularly struck by it), I do remember thinking how upbeat the songs were and how well they fit into the story.

I would definitely recommend it for theatre going families or those wanting to introduce a child to the World of Musical Theatre.

Something tells me Beth is hooked.



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