Be a social butterfly...

There are a number of images circulating the internet right now emblazoned with statements about curvy women being more beautiful than their ‘skinny’ counterparts.

You see I find this difficult to support.  I’m all for empowering women with curves – I have curves, but I believe all women are beautiful.

In my life I’ve been both tiny and very curvy indeed and I know and love women who are both tiny and very curvy.  All of them put lipstick on in the morning…because they want to be pretty.  Personally I don’t think we should promote statements that imply that any of them aren’t.

I also dislike the hypocrisy of posters like these.  If an image were released publicly stating that extremely thin women were the most beautiful, it would be quickly removed from forums the World over; yet it is socially acceptable to make judgemental statements that support larger women.

Most of the people circulating these images are women.  Well-meaning, kind women; who I’m sure don’t realise the impact such statements have on smaller framed girls, those without a bust or much of a rear!?

Most of the people commenting are lascivious men!  Women, all women are beautiful – why compete so much.   Lets stop this now lovelies, lets stop reinforcing the idea that it is ok to pass judgement on people because of their size!!

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...