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I’m verging on militant when it comes to sun safety. Sunny days are warm and beautiful but the sun is basically a big angry sadist that causes wrinkles and sunburn and skin cancer.

I want none of that for myself, my family or anyone, so I’m always trying to think of ideas to make sun safety a priority for my loved ones too.

Very important person vip suncream station safety rose

We have a busy household – Phill’s out of the house 7 til 7 and Beth’s at school all day (or out and about with her friends) – I’ve long realised that the key to getting them to do anything is to make it as easy as possible and put it right under their noses!

Behold the suncream station!!

Suncream station sun safety

This is basically a collection of sun lotions and sunglasses by a mirror that my family pass on their way out of the house.

Since we’re now in the school holidays and Beth spends alot of time outside in the sun (when we have it), I’ve started stocking the station with water too to make sure she’s hydrated.  This one’s her favourite and as it has added vitamins, I hope it kinda makes up for all the junk that I’m sure she’s eating with her friends!!

Get more drinks water

Once everyone’s used to this ‘station’ you can leave allsorts on there that they’ll need for the day – vitamins, lunch money, shopping lists….  You can tailor it to your household.

So what suncreams do we use?  Well we hace a few!

We have non-greasy sun spray for Phill (nothing worse than suncream stains on suit jackets and shirt collars).

Soltan invisible malibu

This Soltan spray is really good, mainly because it actually does what it promises!  I’ve had so many ruined clothes thanks to greasy sun screen and yet you can be a bit slap dash with this stuff.  Phill’s also a big fan of the tan so he also has bronzing oil ?

We have once a day sun screen for Beth (because teenagers DO NOT like to carry things around….especially sensible things).

Calypso once a day sun cream 40

While this sun cream isn’t actually once a day (it lasts for several hours but does need to be reapplied) it will protect her while she’s at school or for a few hours on the park….long enough for her to not need to carry it with her!  It hasn’t irritated her adolescent skin and I quote “it smells like holiday!”

The facial suncream is for me as is the combined sun protection and insect repellant (because insects seem to find me tasty and Mama don’t need any more wrinkles).

Soltan insect repellant and nivea facial sun scream

I think the Soltan protect and repel is working to stave off biting insects as I haven’t had any bites since using it and usually I’m riddled.  I haven’t had any sunburn either which is important!!  I’m not 100% sold on the Nivea anti-age suncream, because I don’t look any younger it is quite heavily scented and my sensitive skin felt a little itchy wearing it ? So I’m in the market for an alternative.

For Dottie we have some very high factor sun block but to be honest I’ve been using a lower factor for her most of the time on medical advice. Apparently constant shelter from the sun and completely blocking it out poses it’s own problems as we all need vitamin D.  So we have a couple of tubes of uber thick factor 50 that makes her look like Casper and gets caught in the teeny tiny bit of hair she has….but we only use it if we’re struggling to find shade.

Baby suncream soltan baby ambre solaire baby in the shade safety

It’s no bother to pop one of these in the changing bag and it’s reasurring to know it’s there and that we can completely block out the sun if we want to!

The rest of the time we use factor 30 or 40 and we always use a sun hat (because we don’t want our baby to get sunburnt but we don’t want her to get rickets either).

Ultrasun family suncream

I like this new Ultrasun Family which I received in a goodie bag.  It doesn’t smell strong, isn’t greasy and hasn’t reacted to anyone’s skin!  Win!  But I can’t seem to find it in the shops ?  So once we run out, that’s it.

The suncream station has been in place since the end of May and so far so good as I keep having to replace empty bottles and I haven’t seen many red noses!!

I think it’s great that you can get such a variety of sun protection – there’s even one for your hair, but I’ve spotted a gap in the market.  Sun cream for teenagers??

Beth with pink hair teenager

There’s lotion for baby skin, aging skin, sun cream for children that goes on blue or pink…..but nothing for teens.  This seems crazy to me because until a child becomes a young adult, sun safety is their parent’s responsibility.  Surely there should be a product that appeals specifically to them?

Suncream station

Anyway, I hope you’ve found this idea useful.  You can tweak it to suit your family’s skin needs and I guarantee that you’ll see a difference in their commitment to sun safety.

Love Rachel


*This post includes mini-reviews of a number of items.   I always try to give an honest account of my experience with products.  Should you have any questions, please let me know. *

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