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I feel very strongly about Rememberence Sunday.

I am lucky enough not to have lost anyone whilst serving in the Military.  That does not lessen my support for those who have; or those brave men and women who stand strong today, so that I can live my life without fear.

For me, the poppy does not just symbolise those Allied fighters who died in the two World Wars.  I wear the poppy as a mark of respect for all those who have died in conflict, whether military or civilian and on whatever side.

I pray for Peace; war is an horrendous thing.  Unfortunately it comes out of necessity; I wish I didn’t feel that way, but I do.  The only way to eliminate war is to eliminate free thinking.  The World will never agree on everything and there will always be people who use their power or influence for negative, selfish or destructive purposes.  This we cannot change and so conflict and War will always exist: it must.  If it did not then these destructive forces would be allowed to take over.

I bought a poppy in the run up to Rememberence Sunday – in fact I bought a few as they get lost or broken so easily.  I wanted something better, more permanent; something that showed that wearing a poppy wasn’t something I suddenly remembered I should do as I left the Supermarket and saw The British Legion!

Although there is something to be said for the timeless, unmistakable appearence of the paper poppies, I have seen ladies wearing some beautiful brooches over the years.  I have often mused as to how much thought they had put into finding them and how much care it must take to keep them safe, ready for use year after year, as opposed to throwing them away as is what happens with paper poppies.

I searched Ebay and found these.

I had actually been looking for something more solid, enamel maybe but the simplicity of these poppies struck me as so understated and beautiful.

They have been made in their hundreds by the lovely Cath from Cottage Crafts.  Sold for £4.50, the profits are to be split between The Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes.  I was so pleased to see that Cath was donating the profits to Charity.  Many of the Poppy brooches on Ebay were listed with no suggestion that anything would be donated at all!

I ordered my Poppy and perused Cath’s Facebook page.  I am thrilled to see that she has now raised £1950.00 and that despite the fact that Rememberence Sunday is TODAY, orders are still coming in.

Cath is now asking that any Crocheters who would like to help her next year, get in touch!  Cath will provide the pattern and Sirdar have generously donated the wool.  Unfortunately, crocheting, like knitting is not something that comes naturally to me but I wonder if any of my lovely readers DO possess the skills to help??

I have been wearing my beautiful Crochet Poppy with the utmost pride and if I had a penny for every comment I’ve had, The Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes would have a fair bit more coming their way!!

Even if you can’t help, please take the time to have a look at Cath’s Facebook Page and give her a well deserved ‘weldone’.  I feel privileged to have received my lovely creation Cath – thank you xxxx

My biggest thank you of all goes to all the brave men and women who have and do put themselves in harms way so that I might live my little life:  fussing about fabrics, whiling away an afternoon baking and walking my daughter to school without fear.  We really do take so much for granted.

Thank you



Be a social butterfly...