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When National Vintage Award nominated Ian Brooke, of HMS Vintage asks you to be his model….you say yes!   When Ewa Baberska is booked to be your make up artist….you say yes! When you’ll be modelling gorgeous Victory Parade pieces…you say yes!  And when the pictures are to make up an editorial in Vintage Life Magazine…you jump up and down and say yes!!!!

hms vintage vintage life magazine vintagefolly victory parade 3
I’m thrilled to be featured in this month’s issue of Vintage Life.  As you can imagine, there were lots of pictures taken and only a few could be chosen.  But the ones that made the cut were some of my favourites.  I’ve modelled for HMS Vintage a few times, so I know how Ian likes to work and he’s knows me; I know when Ewa will want my chin up and eyes closed and she knows how to make my hair look ‘just so’….it’s a great partnership, but shooting on locatuon was something completely new.

hms vintage vintage life magazine vintagefolly victory parade

It was a blustery day in Monton when Ian, Ewa, the beautiful Juniper Crush and I ventured out into the quaint high street to shoot for the ‘vintage girl about town’ editorial.  We certainly got some strange looks as people went about their business while we posed in tea rooms, sweet shops and even a dog grooming parlour!  One lady said they’d seen a girl making ‘a right song and dance of buying a handbag’. 😉

But the really odd looks came when my seamed hold ups started to fall down!  I – Clearly when dressed as fabulously as I was, you shouldn’t be walking anywhere!

hms vintage vintage life magazine vintagefolly victory parade 4

For anyone that thinks modelling is glamorous, I’m here to tell you that it is!!  There’ll be no complaints from me – it’s harder work than you think, it’s often cold and you’re generally exhausted at the end of the day, but nothing beats a day of make up, hair and gorgeous dresses and with such lovely company.

hms vintage vintage life magazine vintagefolly victory parade 2

The best part of course is seeing mself in a magazine sold next to Marie Clare and Vogue.  Thrilled!!!!!

Love Rachel


PS.  You can vote for HMS Vintage Here   and read Vintage Life here.

Be a social butterfly...

  • You look absolutely amazing!! xx

  • Rachel, you look absolutely stunning – what an amazing opportunity! We’re big fans of Vintage Life and they definitely chose their girl well. Pictures are amazing! LB x

  • The photos are amazing!

  • Amy

    Looking gorgeous, beautiful girl!