Be a social butterfly...

Earlier this evening, I was sat at my desk, trying to catch up on a mountain of work when I heard the pitter-patter of tiny feet, sneaking out of bed.

I turned from the computer, ready to issue the standard, “It’s time you were asleep sweetheart”, when a little hand poked through the door and left this on the bookcase before scurrying away.


Isn’t that adorable!?

I am such a worrying Mother, I really am.  The little knowledge of Child Psychology that remains from my A-Level days, has sometimes done me more harm than good in my pursuit of the perfect balance between parent, teacher and friend.

We are trying to bring Bethany up to be confident, well mannered and kind.  We are lucky that she is also naturally clever, funny and artistic!!  Not everything can be taught!

That said I do fear the notion of becoming a ‘pushy Mum’, or an overly strict Mum or a Mum that expects too much.  I think the thing I fear most of all is that at some point she won’t like me.

This little note and all the little notes that have been delivered before and I’m sure all those which are to follow, bring a lump to my throat.  Of all the things I hope our daughter takes with her from childhood, the feeling of being loved: consistently, completely and unconditionally, is for me the most important.

Currently I appear to be Beth’s hero; everything I am good at, she wants to be good at…and she is! One day I’m sure she will be even better than I ever could be.

Right now she seems to adore me just as much as I adore her!  I plan to revel in it while it lasts, she’ll soon be a teenager!!!!



Be a social butterfly...