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Our house is upside down at the moment.  It’s been one thing after another recently.  I’ve been away, I’ve been busy and then I’ve been ill – really ill.   I had Mum-flu.   It’s the same as normal flu except you still have to ‘mum’!   Except I couldn’t, I could just about manage to play with Dottie but I couldn’t do anything else.   As a result, our house is sooooo messy.

I’m chipping away at it and the sensible thing to do would be to just tidy up to begin with, but instead of course I’ve decided to clean out the kitchen cupboards!!   The main inspiration for doing this was these little beauties 🙂

Tefal ingenio range

I LOVE them and like a fair weather friend, I’ve rejected all of my other pans in their favour.  I was introduced to the Tefal Ingenio range at Atalier de Chefs when I took part in a cookery class with them a couple of weeks ago.
Have baby will cook

Dorothy and I popped down to London and spent the afternoon making curry from scratch, with a group of other bloggers from all over the UK.

Attalier de chefs

Kneeling bread

Attalier de chefsPestle and mortar

ChapatiAll gone!

Cooking with a baby isn’t easy, but it’s the reality for a lot of parents, so I was interested to see if the new pans would help in any way.  I left most of the chopping to the other bloggers because even at home, knives and Dottie are a combination that I avoid, but we got very involved with the cooking (and eating!).

Attalier de Chefs cooking with baby

I was thrilled when we got home to our own set of Tefal Ingenio pans ?

The pans are great for cooking with a baby because they’re very light.  This means you can move them and hold them one handed with your other arm stopping little fingers from reaching out.

Cooking with baby dorothy

The non-stick coating really works aswell so you barely need any oil which is perfect for cooking healthier family meals.   So far I’ve been able to clean them to a sparkle by simply wiping them with a soft cloth – no scrubbing or sticking at all.

Tefal ingenio pan handle

Probably the most notable feature of the pans is that the handles clip on and off.  Again you can do this with one hand and they feel very secure.  There are three benefits to this feature that really appeal to me.  Firstly you can stack the pans neatly in the cupboard, vastly reducing the shelf space needed.  Even the handles on the pan lids fold down meaning they lie flat and can be stacked aswell.

Searing roast beef and rosemary

You can transfer the pans straight from hob to oven and back again, meaning you can sear and roast a joint of meat in one pan and then make gravy from the juices – less dishes to wash, more flavour, less faff!

Roast beef

Instead of having handles hanging over hot hobs and worse still, hanging over the side (which puts them at risk of being grabbed by little hands), you simply clip them off.

Tefal ingenio pan handles

The set comes with two frying pans, each with very deep sides to prevent spillages, two handles and three saucepans with lids.  The saucepans have measurements inside which is a feature I haven’t seen in pans before and they have storage lids!  Yes that’s right, you can seal the saucepans and store the contents in the fridge – perfect for leftovers and again, reducing the washing up.   It’s also very useful for taking food to parties.

Chilli con carni

The only downside I’ve found is that the handle clip sometimes dips into the contents of the pan.  This isn’t massively inconvenient as you’d wash after each use anyway, but it can be a bit annoying if you need to transfer the handles from pan to pan.

I also wish that the frying pans had storage lids aswell as they are so useful!

It’s fair to say that I’m a fan and even if my house is a disaster, at least my pan cupboard is a delight!

Love Rachel


*I was gifted a set of Tefal Ingenio pan set for the purposes of a review but all images and opinions are honest and all my own *




Be a social butterfly...