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Our girl did very well keeping her secret but I suppose it’s time to spill the beans…..any last guesses?

bets gender reveal chalk board vintage white roses

I’m very pleased to tell you that we’ll be coming home next February with another beautiful baby girl 🙂

Shortbread gender reveal quirky its a girl vintage gingham

We couldn’t be happier!  It’s true that we would have liked a boy as we have one amazing girl already, but now we get to raise another and with any luck, she’ll be just as much of a joy as her big sister.

As you probably know, it was Beth who announced the gender of the new baby to friends and family (and US) on Sunday.

Initially she had planned to tell us over dinner on the day of the scan.  Then it was to be the weekend.  Then us plus a few family members.  Then friends were expected.  Then there was an invite list.  Then there was “Mum…I think I’m going to need some money.”  🙂

Beth put on a lovely little gathering with cake and balloons and lemonade and gathered us all outside while Phill and I opened a card with the news.

bump gender reveal family of three four pink girlPhotograph by Heather Annereau

It was bitter sweet if I’m honest.  I wanted Beth to stand with us, hold our hands even, but she was stood next to her friends (lovingly referred to as the party committee) watching us and was not for moving.  It was painfully clear that she’s a young adult now and so very close to 13 and she’s really not a baby anymore.  I was suddenly a little bit sad.

Then we opened her card and saw that it’s another little girl that’s been kicking me at all hours and causing all that morning sickness.  I realised I’d be doing it all again – ballet classes, French plaits, ‘mummy please can I have my ears pierced’.  This time I’m doing it with my husband who I adore and my (well…our 🙂 ) grown up daughter who we both adore!

We grabbed her for a hug – to hell with her embarrassment! 🙂  Phill and I are so proud of all the effort she put in and to be honest we’re in a bit of shock because like everyone else it seems – we thought the baby was a boy too!

The next guessing game is what will the baby be called??  To be honest right now, your guess is as good as mine! 🙂

Love Rachel




Be a social butterfly...