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Once upon a time there was a girl who met a boy and fell in love (ahhhh) and they moved with their daughter into a sweet house in a nice part of town.  The house and street were lovely and they had lots of friends, but the kitchen was so small only one person could use it and the rooms were cold and damp in the Winter….so the girl and boy decided to move to somewhere a bit nicer.

doll house pink bunting

They moved to a big, fancy house that had a huge kitchen and a field-like garden for their daughter to play in.  The house was very posh and expensive and the girl and boy weren’t allowed to paint anything pink or hang beautiful artwork or plant roses and apple trees.   The owners came round often so the house never felt like home and the whole things made the girl feel quite anxious.  They were unhappy there, so the girl and boy decided to save their money and moved again!

Next they lived in a newly built town house in a new village.  The girl painted the rooms in pastel shades, the boy laid wooden floors and hung the girl’s paintings – it began to look like a home.

dining room buckshaw village valentines day vintage check

They filled the tiny garden with roses and honeysuckle.  They got married, bought a dog and they were very happy.   Their daughter made friends and began to grow into a young lady.  The family thought they were just where they were meant to be.

wedding vintage car laugh couple

Then the boy changed jobs and began to work in a different town and things felt less than perfect.  The family didn’t want to be tenants any more, but the landlord didn’t want to sell.  The boy and girl and their daughter realised that perhaps this house wasn’t meant to be forever.  So they packed up their things (paintings, plants and pets!), said goodbye to the home they loved and moved to a new house in a new town.


They were exhausted when they got there and sick of moving their lives from place to place – they hoped that this would be the last time.  Their new house was a little ugly on the outside but lovely and old indoors and while some rooms were tired, it had a good feeling about it – you could sense that people had been happy here.

dining room cupboard 1930s

There were signs of the house’s history in every room and many more treasures waiting to be uncovered.

1930s stained glass

There was a dated but decent sized kitchen for culinary masterpieces, a series of gardens for their daughter to play in with their dog….and there were beautiful old roses, dosens of them in the garden and space to grow many more.


The girl and boy could paint whatever they wanted and they planted a small orchard of fruit trees at the bottom of the garden.  Very quickly the house became their home.

dining room vintage rose cottage  christmas

Then one day about a year later, the girl and boy realised that they never, ever wanted to leave this house – Rose Cottage was their forever home and best of all……it was for sale.  So on Friday 13th March, exactly 6 years since the day they first laid eyes on each other, the boy and girl finally bought their first house together.

rose cottage vintage folly

Phill and Beth and I are staying put!  Finally we get to plant an apple tree and know that we’ll still be here when it bears fruit!  We get to put up as many pictures and shelves as we want.  We get to peel away the years of paint and reveal the house’s beautiful 1930s features.  We get to make memories here and invest in our own future….and Beth gets to paint her bedroom!!

grow old along with me

I can’t wait to show you the exciting projects that we have planned for this house, some that we began yesterday just hours after completion.  It’s been quite a journey to get here and it feels scary and grown up to be a home owner again, but we’re over the moon!  I hope you’ll come back and see what we make of Rose Cottage 🙂

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...