Be a social butterfly...

I suspect I am not alone in my dislike for official looking letters.  The sight of those printed, oblong envelopes fills me with suspicion.

I have been known to put off opening such letter for lengthy periods of time, even knowing that their contents cannot possibly be that bad!

The last week has seen alot of those envelopes fall through our letterbox.  Some have been addressed solely to me and some to both Phill and I.  As Phill is in America at the moment, they can only be opened by me 🙁

Some of you may be aware that our Wedding was recently cancelled.  I say that in a light-hearted manner but actually I suppose it was quite serious!  The Church at which our Wedding was to take place, Saint Ignatius in Preston has sadly been closed for all duties during the week.  As our Wedding was booked for Friday morning, this included us!!

We discussed the situation with our lovely priest Father Tom, who helped us to weigh up our options; we could either be married in St Ignatius’ sister Church, English Martyrs, or as we have recently moved, enquire about getting married in our new local Church, Saint Mary’s.

St Mary’s is a beautiful little ‘villagey’ Church with blossom trees and woodland next door.  Walking distance from our home, it hadn’t escaped our notice that it would be a beautiful place to get married.

We might have considered changing to this Church earlier were it not for the affection we have for Father Tom.  We really want to get married and the ceremony is more important than the setting – we wanted Tom to be the one that married us.

Well, let me tell you the news that we have had in the last week!

Our local priest at Saint Mary’s, the kindly Father Gerry has welcomed us to be married on Friday 13th April as planned, in his lovely Church.  However he is otherwise engaged on Fridays.   Father Tom had already said that he would be pleased to be involved in our Wedding ceremony in any way we would like and Father Gerry suggests that Tom marry us in his Church!

The postman has brought not only a letter from our local registry office. confirming that we are ‘booked in’ for that day, but two letters of freedom for us (a Catholic and a non-Catholic) to marry in a Catholic Church!

All that we need to do now is put the pieces together and let all the members of the clergy involved know that we can go ahead.

Sometimes good things do come in official looking envelopes!!



Be a social butterfly...