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Once upon a time in a land called Lancashire, there was a rather round Princess (well she wasn’t a Princess but she was growing a human being in her tummy and that meant she deserved to be treated like one).

Every night she’d bathe in lavender and rose oil, sip tea from delicate cups and dress in her favourite night clothes (honestly – she did ;-P).  She’d climb into bed, rest her head on her pillow and wait to drift asleep.  BUT SLEEP NEVER CAME!

princess and the pillow theraline maternity pillow review crochet crown

No matter how she laid, no matter how she positioned her many (and multiplying) pillows, she just couldn’t get a good night’s sleep.  She’d wake up every morning, feeling just as tired as the night before, aching, limping, moaning and being very unprincess-like indeed.  Nothing seemed to help.

Then one day the Theraline fairies delivered a magical pillow that changed all that and the Princess could dream happy dreams again.  The Prince wasn’t very happy by the man-sized pillow that lay between them, but the story isn’t about him so ner!

The End

theraline maternity pillow review

So the second trimester brought with it some interesting symptoms.  I seldom slept through the night and constantly woke up needing a wee, a drink, a hug…the list is endless.  But at around the 13 week mark, the niggling pain I’d had in my hip and back became a full blown ‘condition’.  Hello SPD.

When the diagnosis came it was with a few points of advice and some prescription pain killers.  I adopted a better posture, wore flat, more solid shoes and took wheat packs with me wherever I went 🙁  But none of these things really helped when I went to bed at night.  This little baby helped!

theraline maternity pillow review

Now perhaps my husband does feel as though his space in our bed is diminishing on a nightly basis, that he’s been replaced by a pillow…but I could sleep now most nights and even he admitted that this is probably more important!

Unlike the 5ft pillow I bought at about 11 weeks and discarded just a few days later, my Theraline pillow didn’t lose it’s shape.  It has a kind of firmness that you don’t get with normal cushions and pillows and seems to mould to my hefty shape rather than laying squished underneath it.  I sometimes shake the rolling down to one side to create a shorter, fuller pillow, or smooth the whole thing out and hug it like a dear friend.

theraline maternity pillow review

I’ve spent a lot of nights sleeping with it curved around my front, between my knees and under my bump.  But as it’s important that I don’t sleep on my back so also been using it behind me some nights.

Were I not so frightened of it being spoilt, I think I’d take it into labour with me!  Mind you, if he feels replaced by the pillow in our bedroom, goodness knows how Phill would feel if it was invited to the birth!

Love Rachel


*This post includes a review.   I always try to give an honest account of my experience with products.  Should you have any questions, please let me know. *

Be a social butterfly...