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It’s official!  We have the keys for our new house!  Now the real work begins…not a single room is really fit for the discerning arty farty type (that’s me) to spend their days.

Admittedly, one or two of the previous occupants’ paint choices are not terrible: the Dining room for example is painted a muted ‘mushroom’ shade, (though not for long).  Generally speaking though, the colours are a disaster.  Whether they are too boring, too sickly or too ‘much’, they are all going to have to go, starting with this bathroom.

Don’t panic about the red; there haven’t been any injuries, not yet anyway.  This is the colour I plan to paint the incredibly boring walls.  Yes I know it’s bright, I know it’s a small, dark room, I know that this goes against all the rules, but I also know that I can make it work.

This is one of four bathrooms in our new home and as it’s on the same floor as the living rooms and kitchen, it will be used the most often.  It is a small room, with no windows and nothing, even painting it bright white and filling it with mirrors will make it look any bigger or brighter.  I decided to embrace the size and light (or lack of it) and make this a fun, dramatic room.

The majority of the rooms in the house will be painted in carefully selected, fairly pale shades, so this room, somewhat inspired by this photo of Nancy Reagan in The Red Room, will be quite a surprise for visitors!

The sink, toilet, tiling and woodwork are all white and the floor a very pale grey, so the lipstick red will take centre stage!  We plan to replace the taps and the room doesn’t have any other fittings as yet so we will need to find those, the question is: do we go for trendy chrome or really throw ourselves into the look and buy brass? Too much? Maybe dark wood then.

I often think that when people use dramatic colours in a half hearted way, the effect can be a little drab; if you’re going to do something, you should do it properly!

We have a lovely, oversized mirror, with a white painted, moulded frame that will look fabulously oversized and decadent.  I had planned to buy black or white towels but looking at the red furniture against red walls, I’m thinking red towels too!!  Phill may vito some of these suggestions ;-P

Decadent? Yes! But why shouldn’t we be?  They say every English man’s (or woman’s) house is their castle and if the lovely Kate Middleton gets to sit on her throne amongst red walls then why shouldn’t I?? 🙂

Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...