Be a social butterfly...

There is indeed, a first time for everything.

My first dedicated blog page,

my first blog

and the first time, possibly ever that I haven’t a clue what to say!!

Firstly thank you for visiting my little piece of the net, make yourself at home.  Please don’t judge on appearences just yet as I’ve not finished making the site my own.  I need to change everything!!!

I’m sure I will find inspiration as time goes by.  I have been blogging on our Wedding site for some weeks now and find it difficult to stop; so no doubt my blabbermouth side will emerge before long.

I am yet to decide on a specific theme or look for this site. I like so many things!!!  Perhaps there should not be any consistency, maybe I should let this site become unstructured and full; a bit like my mind!?

Time to go and (try to) be a domestic goddess now, Beth and Phill are complaining of rumbly tummies and apparently nothing hits the spot like my cooking lol.  Chicken curry to the rescue!! I suppose it is nice to be needed isn’t it 😉

Much love




Be a social butterfly...