Be a social butterfly...

A you may have gathered from previous blogs, I am a big fan of fancy dress.  Most years, on Halloween I dress up.  I relish the chance to wear over the top make-up, silly costumes and the persona’s that go with them.  I love the fact that in recent years, more and more people really throw themselves into it!!

Here’s me being mauled by my best friend. That’s nice lol

This year I just didn’t fancy it.  I have no idea why.  I genuinely happily chose to stay at home with Phill and Beth, start a new sewing project and make some Bridal jewellery rather than get involved like I usually do.  I even had new Dorothy shoes!!  I would’ve had the ultimate base for a witches outfit!

What on Earth is wrong with me?  Maybe I’m growing up (Heaven forbid!) or maybe I just knew that I absolutely could not compete with this little minx!!!!

Bethany as punk, pirate??  Apparently?

So perhaps it’s time to pass the baton, let the next generation have all the fancy dress fun from now on….pah, maybe not!!!  It’s only a few weeks ’til Factory Friday – the last Friday before Christmas and I need to get my Christmas Angel outfit together.  Next Halloween I’ll be back, bigger and better than ever!

Now Halloween is over and we have enough sweets in our house to last ’til next Halloween – all there is left to do is put my pyjamas on, make a nice cup of tea and curl up in front of a scary film.

Oh dear, maybe I do need to re-evaluate my growing up comment lol :-S

Happy Halloween!

Be a social butterfly...