Be a social butterfly...

We were away last week, on holiday with family, in a beautiful house in the Lake District.  Beth was in her own room which of course isn’t unusual, but she was on a different floor and somehow felt very far away.

I suppose I like knowing that I can pop my head around her door and see her sleeping face – even though I don’t do it all the time, I like knowing that I can.

beth in a tree lake district

On our last day there, Phill went downstairs before me to make eggs and soldiers and I was paid a surprise visit.  Beth climbed into our bed, tucked her icy cold feet under my legs, nestled her head on my shoulder and very quickly fell back to sleep.

She’s so tall now that when she does this it’s like having another adult in the bed, but her skin is still baby soft and her little nose has barely changed since the day she was born.  I’m not sure quite when it happened but this was the first time I noticed that she doesn’t smell like she used to.

Beth used to have a smell all her own, like a mixture of pencil crayons and sugar.  It’s gone now.  Now she smells of tropical fruit and something like vanilla or white musk.  Like most teenage girls, my baby girl’s natural scent has been completely masked by The Body Shop!

It’s so strange to be counting down the weeks ’til we meet the baby, while wishing our daughter would stop growing up so quickly.  Body spray or pencil crayons, I dread the day when mornings like this are a thing of the past.

Any tips for slowing down time are greatly appreciated!

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...