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…and nobody was asleep and there was loads left to do!!  First thing’s first – lets have a nice cup of tea?

Or maybe a glass of wine?  It is Christmas after all!!

Our house looks beautiful, a little messy at this very moment but beautiful.  Our Christmas tree is our finest to date, though I tend to think that every year.  No two decorations on our tree are the same.  When I first moved into my own house, I bought two large, pastel coloured boxes of cheaper baubles aswell as one or two, carefully selected unique ones.

Each year since, I have added to the collection and each year I have needed less and less of the generic baubles to make the tree look full.  Last year I didn’t need ANY!! I feel I have ‘arrived’ at the Christmas tree I have always wanted: busy, bright and with a crowd of gifts below.

We are very much into traditions in our little family.  Though I don’t have any ‘Christmasy’ things from when I was little, if I see something that even reminds me of my childhood Christmas’, I just have to have it!  I have saved every Christmas decoration Beth has ever made!  She doesn’t like to have them all up, but it is lovely to look at them each year and remember.  Another way we have remembered Christmas’ past is to ‘upcycle’ our Christmas cards into paper chains.

She and I had a few laughs and shed a few tears looking at the old cards and the bright colours mean that our Dining room now looks very festive indeed.  Bethany finished school before we finished work so this kept her busy one afternoon while I worked from home.  Look how proud she is (and so she should be)!!

Today saw me sporting my fab Christmas apron to make reindeer food.  We have made reindeer food every year since I was introduced to it by an old colleague, Angela when Bethany was just two years old.  It’s quite simple.  You mix a little glitter or some metallic stars into porridge oats and sprinkle onto your garden path.  Innevitably by morning, most of it has blown away or been washed away (or has it really been eaten by Father Christmas’ reindeers??) and this adds to the magic on Christmas morning.

Sadly Mummy made the mistake of not checking whether or not we had any oats before going to the Supermarket…we didn’t have any.  Fearing Muesli, which we did have might not have the same effect, we made a beautifully scented alternative using some dried chamomile, dried lavender and glitter.

In some ways, this might work better as oats do have a tendency to become slippery in some weather and this years version smelt amazing!!  I doubt however that the relaxing properties of chamomile and lavender will help Beth sleep at all tonight though!

This year Father Christmas’ tipple of choice is Amaretto and as we’ve eaten all the mince pies, he will be eating cookies.  I must put ‘bake mince pies’ on my list of things to do tonight, along with wrap all of Bethany’s presents, prepare the Turkey and clean up!

I love Christmas Eve.  In alot of ways it is even better than Christmas Day!  Full of excitement and anticipation.  Full of carefully wrapped presents and piles of goodies waiting to be eaten; even the fruit bowl looks more appealing than usual!

I for one will be savouring every moment of this Christmas as I believe it may be the last one with a Bethany who believes in Father Christmas :-S  I’ll take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas.  I hope you feel warm and fuzzy, I hope your turkey tastes just as good as you remember and I hope the children enjoy playing with the boxes more than the presents.

Much love

Rachel (Phill & Beth)


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Be a social butterfly...