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My involvement with Liquidpress has been varied.

My interaction with the Liquidpress label has at times extended no further than keeping Phill and Craig hydrated with offers of tea and coffee!  Especially in the intensive, early planning stages.  I say planning stages but to be honest, Liquidpress seemed to develop a life and direction of it’s own very early on.

Originally the idea came about because the boys (‘boys’ used in a non-patronising manner ;-P) whilst working on a number of web-based projects, saw an opportunity to use the talents of some local graphic designers and turn them into truly unique garments.

One of the first designs and still one of my favourites!

Not content with simply printing mediocre t-shirts, Craig and Phill worked very hard (and worked alot of suppliers very hard) to seek out garments and printers who could achieve a product of the quality they felt the designs deserved.  Many an T-Shirt has come to our house, full of hope and aspiration…only to be cast aside, deemed unworthy!!

Though Craig was now living and working (as an actor) in LA, he and Phill continued to work on the project on a daily basis, with lengthy meetings on Skype, but sadly without my coffee offerings 🙁

Meanwhile, outside the world of Liquidpress I was becoming increasing addicted to Twitter and Wedding blogging.  I had been pleasantly surprised by the ease with which you can meet like minded people on Twitter, to share advice, ideas and general banter and was starting to use it to promote my own projects.  Comparatively Phill was something of a virgin!

One night he foolishly challenged me to a pre-nuptial Twitter battle: whomever had the most followers by midnight that night would be deemed the winner.  The prize: only kudos. ALOT of people got involved, including Choccywoccydoodah, Louise Mensch and an enigmatic character who went by the name – @Das_Beard.

The legend of @Das_Beard

By midnight there was a clear winner…me!!  But the more long term effect of this web – based skirmish was that Phill, was now hooked too.

That Friday a call went out on Twitter; #beardcall.

The objective: to gain as many followers as possible

The instigator: @Das_Beard

The method: to tweet #beardcall to @Das_Beard between 7-8 and then wait…

At 8pm, @Das_Beard published a list of names.  We were told to follow everyone on the list, we did and by morning (because his actions crashed Twitter!) we had more than doubled our followers!!

A legend was born.

Late that night, Phill and I mused about the power of Twitter and of the genius of @Das_Beard and his #beardcall.  I suggested that #hashtags would make great t-shirt slogans and Phill agreed.

First delivery of #BeardCall tees

Quickly proposing the idea to @Das_Beard, Phill had set the wheels in motion for a whole new line of clothing.  But Beardy would take no money for his part, insisting instead, that a donation be made to a Breast Cancer Awareness charity, chosen by his Twitter friends @FeelEmFriday.

Another legend!

The @FeelEmFriday team, compelled by @Bev_Muff had been campaigning for people to check their breasts for lumps since Breast Cancer had affected one of their family members.  It was simply natural progression to release @FeelEmFriday Charity T-shirts aswell.

Yes, these are mine

The online home of Liquidpress continues to develop and is now joined by a community of bloggers, each joined by their love for new ideas, designs and direction.  Designers are invited to submit their designs ensuring that the line will always offer the most unique, fresh looks.

Such was the success of the online store, the exciting new designs and the charity hashtag t-shirts that Liquidpress decided to branch out of the virtual world and into a boutique.

Initial layout ideas

Currently we are around 5 weeks away from opening.  Like Phill, I have been involved in fashion retail in the past, but I have fought the urge to push my opinion on the look of the store (in truth this is because Phill has extremely good taste and I love all the choices he’s made – just don’t tell him!) giving my input only when it is asked for and the store looks great already.

The items in the store will be affordable, not because they are cheap and nasty, but because they are well researched and not over-priced.  The look of the store is stylish and moody and will suit the wide range of people we expect to welcome into the store.

Tim – New Store Manager

Speaking of welcome, customers will meet Tim, the new Store Manager.  He’s a cheeky chappy who struggles to contain his excitement about the store, the garments and the concept in general; I’m sure that customers will like him as much as we do.

As for the future; who knows.

Right now Liquidpress, the tireless Phill and Craig, and new member Tim (who has had a very hands-on approach to the refurb ;-P) are concentrating on doing things properly, setting the right foundations for the Label and giving the right impression to customers from the very first time they buy; the sky is indeed the limit.

You never know, I might even be persuaded to submit a couple of my own designs ;-P

Rachel xxx

Be a social butterfly...