Be a social butterfly...

A couple of weeks ago, Beth managed to keep a big secret from Phill and I.  For a little over 5 days, 124 hours to be exact, she kept from us the knowledge that her baby sibling was in fact a baby sister.

bump gender reveal family of three four pink girlWe couldn’t believe she managed it!

Well guess what…..we can keep a secret too and we’ve been keeping a big one from Miss B!

beth and rachel

Look at this picture.  One of these people believed that later on that day, they’d be on their way to the opening of a new Yoga Centre in Manchester.  The other knew that this was a load of rubbish, she was in fact about to get on an aeroplane and jet off to a week in the sunshine!!

Her holiday clothes had been purchased and packed in secret and we detoured on our way to the ‘Yoga Centre’ to have a quick bite to eat with Phill and say goodbye before he ‘flew to London for a meeting’.

It’s at this point that we handed her a boarding pass 🙂


beth rach phill

Here we are post reveal….she was speechless which is not something I’ve ever seen in Beth before 🙂

Be a social butterfly...