Be a social butterfly...

Happy Birthday Bethany!!!

Well, they arrived….the children!!  Loads of them, loads of rain too!  Living in the North West if you aren’t prepared to soldier on and do things despite the rain then you will never get anything done!

So on we went.

Children and adults were treated to Hot Dogs, or as we  call them meat of dubious origin; followed by copious amount of cake!!!

…And last but not least….a magic Toadstool Birthday cake!

It was fantastic!!  The house did suffer a little: we are still cleaning up now and have been left with a pile of approximately 25 pairs of dirty, smelly, muddy socks!!!  Oh and only one injury!  Get well soon Chloe’s foot!!

All in all I think Bethany’s first birthday in Euxton was a big success and that is all that matters!



Be a social butterfly...