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The first of the bunting has arrived!!!

This lovely shabby chic bunting comes from an old sixth form friend Anna.  I now live in the North West and Anna lives on the South Coast so it’s come a little way.  The colours are so pretty, muted lilacs, florals and blue stripes – gorgeous.  I love the frayed edges, they just look so feminine and delicate.

Anna and I haven’t seen each other since we left Sixth Form; she was always such a nice person.  I think her sending me this bunting is a tribute to the way that the internet can work for good: bringing people together who, when they were younger maybe didn’t realise how many common interests they had.

Opening the bunting I was incredibly moved as hers is the very first!  I thought the Wedding Bunting Project was a great idea but in the back of my mind, I told myself that I shouldn’t set my heart on it – it was asking alot from people.  And yet here it is, the first batch: proof that the idea might just work, proof that people are just lovely.

I was looking through her photos to find a nice one for this post – there were many!  In dong so I was really moved to see what a great life she is clearly living.   Lots of smiles, lots of people, lots of good deeds.   So this is another act of kindness that I hope she knows I am incredibly grateful for.

Thank you Anna

Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...