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I don’t really know where to start with this post.

When I initially came up with the idea of having lots of bunting at our Wedding, Liz was one of the first people to raise her hand and say she would make some.  I had never met Liz, we had never even spoken online, but she had spotted my plea and responded straight away.  We got talking and I discovered that Liz had recently bought the Buttonhole, a haberdashery and fabric shop in Chorley (that’s near me!).    I had massive alterations planned for my Wedding dress but hadn’t found a seamstress to whom I felt comfortable giving my beautiful gown.  I asked Liz if she knew anyone and she said that this was one of her areas of expertise.

Thus a friendship was born!  Both of us are sort of ‘accidental’ vintage lovers.  We like what we like and the overall effect is summed up by the word ‘Vintage’ lol.

Liz has transformed my dress, named Talulah, but I will tell you all about that after the wedding when I can finally show you pictures. Today she made us this unbelievable bunting.


I can’t get over how pretty the whole thing is!  The colours are peaches and cream and each pennant is different.  One has polka-dot ribbons sewn on, another is a vintage style ditsy print (that I have swooned over in the shop) and another is covered in ivory lace.   It’s lovely and means so much to me.

I’ve faced a number of challenges over the last few months and I suppose in the way that people notoriously open up to hairdressers, I confided in Liz.  She has never given me advice, only asked questions until I realised, I already knew all the answers.   One of our conversations marked a real turning point for me and I could never truly thank her for her words which had such a profound effect.

Everytime I’m at The Buttohole and it hits me, how big a difference she has made and how welcome I feel there; I have to fight the urge to give her a great big hug or just cry…it’s ridiculous!!   Liz and her beautiful daughters have been so kind to me.  I honestly can’t believe my luck at having found them.

So, for me, go and visit their new website and if you’re ever in the area, go and visit The Buttonhole, Chapel Street, Chorley.  Tell them Rachel sent you; it won’t make the slightest difference, they would’ve treated you like family regardless!

Love Rachel
Vintage Folly

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Be a social butterfly...