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The Bunting parade goes on!!!  Another excitement nudging parcel has arrived and it contains this beautiful bunting from my friend Louise.  I’ve known Louise and her husband Kerry for a few years now having met through mutual friends in an extremely muddy festival field!!

I know Kerry won’t have helped with the bunting but I just LOVE this picture of the two of them.  Sorry Lou! x

Louise is a ‘call a spade a spade’ sort of person; I really like that.  The Wilkinsons are the kind of friends that you can see almost constantly for a few weeks and then have little to no contact with for months on end.  But as this beautiful, hand-made bunting shows, out of sight is not always out of mind and though with all of our busy lifestyles, we might not see all of our friends as regularly as we might like; they are often thought of. 🙂

Anyway back to bunting!  I am not aware of the lovely Mrs Wilkinson being a sewing enthusiast; I may be wrong, but if I am right it makes this lovely gift even more of an achievement.  I knew that this particular length of bunting was on its way but I didn’t know it was ready until it arrived with the post-man.  It was a lovely surprise.  Just when I thought I couldn’t cry over any more fabric and Louise has me at it again!!  This bunting is gorgeous!  Pale blue stripes next to buttery yellow placement prints…yum!

Some of the pennants have gorgeous sparkly lace edging and some are finished with tiny paper roses, the whole effect is completed by bubblegum-pink bias-binding.  I think that some of the fabric has been salvaged from old items and I love that; up cycling is the way forward.

Thank you so much Louise, I love it!  Kerry may write great novels, but I bet he can’t make bunting like this ;-P


Love Rachel

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Be a social butterfly...