Be a social butterfly...

Do you ever look back on your life and remember people who you always liked but lost touch with?  Or those with whom you wish you’d made the transition from acquaintances to friends?  I can think of loads!  Tara is an example of one such acquaintance that could’ve ended up as one of those memories but didn’t.

I used to live two doors away from Tara and although our daughters played out with each other, we didn’t have a proper conversation until the week before Bethany and I moved house.   It was such a shame.  Tara was such a nice person and it felt so comfortable to be talking with her, it was sad that we hadn’t become friends as our girls were so close and we lived right next to each other!  What a missed opportunity.

When we moved house, Tara and I promised our daughters that we would keep in touch.  There is a certain awkwardness in inviting someone whom you don’t know very well to events such as birthdays, but Tara and her Faye always came when invited.  Time and time again, it was a lovely surprise to see them and a lovely surprise to be invited to Tara’s birthday.  Bit by bit, we became friends and I feel so lucky that we did.  Jumping forward to the present day, Tara and her family were one of a very select group of people invited to share our Wedding Day, she braved my Hen-Party with me and……she made this gorgeous bunting for us!

I love the delicate, translucent voile.  It’s so different from all the others and looks beautiful hanging in our window, let alone our wedding venue!  It even has buttons in between each pennant.  I love the way the light shines through the triangles.  This was the final length of bunting and it did give me butterflies to think of it that way.  The final piece of the puzzle…next stop Wedding Day!

Thank you so much Tara.

Love Rachel

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Be a social butterfly...