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When I first became engaged (eeek!) I went straight out and bought every Wedding magazine on the newsagents shelves!  I was full of ideas.  We got started very early, booking our Church and reception venue within weeks and I’d bought my dress 18 months before our Wedding date.

After a sprinting start, our plans slowed to a jog, then brisk walk and now, with 96 days to go, we find ourselves with an awful lot still to so!

We haven’t finalised the invite list, the invitation design or taste tested the food.  We haven’t confirmed the flower arrangements, the hairstylist or the cars.  We haven’t booked our DJ or band and I haven’t bought my Wedding shoes!!

Now that I have typed all of those things up, the ‘to do’ list really does seem overwhelming :-S

I refuse to worry.  Our invitations and guest list WILL be finalised this week and we can test the food whenever we like.   We have confirmed our florist, just not the specific arrangements.  The arrangements however, are more problematic: a friend had offered to let us borrow her set of candelabras and now it appears they may have been lost in storage somewhere.  I really had my heart set on them but it seems silly to buy a number of candelabras to use once and the hire costs are phenomenal.  Thinking cap time methinks.  Maybe some pussy willow instead?

Given that our wedding is on Friday 13th  I’m not terribly worried about cars or DJ’s being booked; few people are as mad as us.  A friend has offered to do my hair, but I’d rather avoid this: what if it goes wrong and we fall out??  Again, stylists are hardly in short supply and I want a very relaxed look.

The one thing I DO need to get as soon as possible is my shoes.  I am having some major alterations done to my dress (why do I always have to set my heart on being unique?) and they cannot begin until we know the height of my heels.  I think that’s a job for this week – even Phill has his shoes lol.

In other news, I still haven’t lost all the weight I needed to for my dress; most of what I had lost has be regained over Christmas 🙁 If only I could click my fingers and go back to bridal modelling weight…I looked great in a wedding dress then.  Never mind, I’m sure the stress of the next three months will help shave a few pounds off, if only I could stop smothering my food in Flavoured Butters!

I think I may complete our favours this week; crafts are my thing so it’s no chore.  I’m really having to fight the urge not to show you my dress, the bridesmaid’s dress, flower-girl’s outfits, jewellery, Phill’s shoes, my wedding ring (arriving tomorrow!!!), the favours……….I want to show you all of it!!!  But I can’t, I really want our guests to experience the big day, all our hard work and little touches as a great big lovely surprise!

So for now, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...